Aviation Ghosts and Mysteries

Throughout the years, there have been many different ghost sightings and unsolved mysteries that have involved the subject of aviation. In this article, you will learn of a few interesting events that you may want to investigate further in depth.




At the Cosford Aerospace Museum, it is said that the last known Avro Lincoln Bomber that is positioned at this location is thought haunted by a pilot who makes appearances in the cockpit. A tape recorder left on the plane one night also picked up odd sounds that resembled a busy airport when no one was in the hanger or surrounding vicinity to cause such noises.


In December (1963), a UFO was spotted at the museum, where officials dismissed the occurrence as a “joke.” Someone (at some point in time) claimed to have seen a UFO make contact with the hanger located on the base. Rumors spread that it quickly recovered and then removed itself in reverse.


Lancaster Bomber


In 2004, Barnoldswick became the site of a haunting, where close to 30 onlookers believe they came in contact with an aircraft that looked like a Lancaster Bomber moving in the air. The odd thing about it was that the gray-colored craft made no noise. Most of the accounts were isolated, but spanned over the course of a month. The sighting took place near a Rolls Royce’s factory in Bankfield.


A collection of reports surfaced during the 1960s, where it is believed that the phantom aircrew of possibly the B-17 once used by the USAAF is thought to have been seen.




About Biggin Hill (about Biggin Hill Airport & village), a reoccurring experience is said to take place in the area, as many claim to have seen a phantom spitfire flying in the sky. When it comes to the best time to view the craft, the month of January seems to become the time when the craft displays the most activity. It is believed that airmen are seen in trench coats with reports of actually visiting the nearby village , stopping to ask people for directions before vanishing into thin air.


Magna Park Oddities


A former airbase situated in Magna Park is the site of a haunting that took place in the Asda distribution warehouse. Situated at the end of the runway at Bitteswell was the warehouse, which a variety of reports regarding the toilets. It seems that a permanent stain appears on the floor that is in the shape of a man. A ghostly airman in a flying kit has also been seen on more than one occasion.


Ghostly Lady


In Bletchley, a ghostly woman has been reported about the premises during the 1950s, where she is seen pushing a trolley through the sick region, vanishing through a door. She is also described as wearing a green apron.


Ghostly Wet Footprints


A pilot that was killed in his new aircraft has been heard walking about the Boscombe Down (RAF base). Unfortunately, the pilot crashed into the sea and is known to leave wet footprints on the floor during a haunting.