Batavia Conference: Thermal Imaging & Scary Game Exploration

Throughout your life, you may have played games as a child that was meant to create fear and apprehension, or touch upon an aspect of life that is normally quieted. At the paranormal conference that will take place in April of this year at Batavia, New York, you may encounter lectures regarding this topic and more. In this article, we will take a look at some of the classes offered, including one titled, “Scary Games.”


Sarah Higgins and Dwayne Claud are ready to meet with participants in the Emerald Room so they may present a 1-hour lecture on the scary childhood games you may have played as a child. This includes a whirl at the Ouija board or repeating “Bloody Mary” in a mirror. Have you ever tried “Light as a Feather?” There is an interesting exploration that exists when it comes to these types of games. This is the perfect time to share experiences because not every one will have the same tale to tell.


Through this interactive workshop, you will finally come to some sort of conclusion if what you experienced was just a simple trick of the mind or if you have encountered something quite extraordinary. Some individuals would be most interested in digging deep into these issues, as they may want to open additional doors with this newfound knowledge. This lecture can be enjoyed on Saturday, between 3 and 4pm.


Jeremy Hawthorn will offer two different lectures during the conference. If you are interested in learning about some of the ins and outs regarding light and thermal imaging, then you might want to see what he has to say with his presentations. The first class he offers will run about one hour. Titled “
Infrared Basics and Fundamentals,” you will be able to participate in a discussion regarding what infrared is, as well as wavelengths, and what makes up light.


Another main topic within the lecture includes electromagnetic spectrums and what they are as well. These are all some of the subjects that are connected to paranormal research. Sound interesting? Why don’t you head for the Diamond Room at 9am on Saturday to learn about the varying kinds of infrared and how it can be measured?


An additional lecture to accompany the “Infrared Basics and Fundamentals” session is held by the same speaker and last for about an hour. On Sunday, from 3 to 4 pm, you may visit the Emerald Room to join Hawthorn as he presents “Advanced Infrared Techniques and Applications.” It is highly suggested to attend the first part of this lecture so that you will be able to get the most out of this particular class. This is because what you learn there can be applied during the second lecture.


Some of the main areas that will be touched upon include night vision technology and thermal imaging. You will learn some of the night vision techniques that lead to taking better pictures, including some of the aspects you should be on the lookout for, as well as avoid, such as lens flare. The applications and techniques discussed will touch upon the usage of both night vision cameras and camcorders. You may also ask all of the questions you’ve been dying to have answered, regarding purchasing a thermal imaging device.