Beware of Bakersfield cont”¦

The Standard Middle School is home to the ghost of a man that is often viewed hanging from the top of the auditorium. Want proof? Supposedly, his image was captured through the window of one of the graduation photos for 8th graders attending the school. This eerie tale and more is explored within this article, which takes a look at the spirits found in the theater of Highland High School; the events that unfold at the Bakersfield Californian Newspaper Building; and what strange things that take place at the Kern Realty Group Building.

Performing arts was never better at the theater of Highland High School, where the Westley Anderson Hall is the supposed home of an older man’s spirit, who takes pleasure in playing tricks on other people. He is known to turn off the stage light when individuals are practicing, but will never attempt this feat during a performance. During shows, he will sit in the audience and watch the action. He is known to also whisper in the ears of people attending shows and has a knack for rummaging through the costumes stored in the costume loft. Another ghost is thought to claim the theater as their own , a girl of about 16 to 17 years of age, who is spotted walking about the stage , wearing a 50s style outfit.

An array of odd happenings takes place at the Bakersfield Californian Newspaper Building, where this old structure is home to a couple of ghosts. For starters, there is a German Shepard who can be seen at times , patiently awaiting the return of his master to take him home. In the lunchroom, the spirit of a former security guard is sometimes spotted. The hallways of the building are also said to serve as the haunting grounds of the former editor of the Californian, as he likes to take strolls about the premises.

The house where the Kern Realty Group Building is found was built in 1911 , with many different occurrences taking place on the premises. Living on the grounds , three spirits are believed to dwell. The first is a young man who hammers away when spotted. It is thought that he fell to his death during a session of construction. The second ghost is that of an elderly woman who stands around and watches action. The third ghost is a man that always seems at odds with everything. Some say that he is one of the former owners.

Odd happenings associated with the Kern Realty Group Building include lights that turn on and off by themselves; doors and windows that open or close without warning; rattling doorknobs; unknown voices; and the odd sounds of footsteps that pitter patter about the staircase. The current owners of the property now run the real estate company claim that they have never felt as if they were in danger and have never felt fear for the ghostly tales they have encountered over the years. Whatever takes place within the building at night, they say they have gotten quite used to.