Black Eyed Kids: Why Do They Want In?

In reading the literature on Black Eyed Kids, you may soon start to notice several similarities.  But there are a couple of facts that lend themselves to a deeper and more sinister mystery behind the phenomenon.  While we may never know what BEKs are, the feelings involved in these stories are chilling.  The individuals generally ask to be let into someone’s house or car and the answer is always the same: No.  But is it?  Can we imagine that in all the accounts of these individuals someone may have actually decided to cooperate with them?  Why have they not spoken up?

Accounts of a BEK encounter vary from individual to individual.  But they do seem to share a few traits in common.  The BEKs are almost always of teenage years with older clothing and an anachronistic but commanding way of speaking – as though their true age were far older than what they appeared to be.

But what about the witnesses who actually let the BEK’s into their car or house?  It’s a chilling thought, but there are thousands of disappearances and unsolved murders each year.  If even 1% were from people who had let the BEK’s into their homes and vehicles it would more than make up for this disparity in the story.  But the idea of a paranormal entity actually committing murder is unfathomable in the world of ghost hunting and even alien abductions as terrifying as they are generally don’t result in human fatalities.  If it were possible that these entities were trickling into the world from places unknown, it seems like they would not answer to the same “rules of engagement” as typically the paranormal do.

But if we do ignore that possibility for the moment, then the eyewitness accounts seem to be fairly uniformed in how they respond to this unusual perceived threat.  BEKs first appeared in front of journalist Brian Bethel in 1998 when he encountered two obsidian eyed teens attempting to gain access to his car.  Quickly he summoned the strength to get himself out of there and left.  After this first incident the black eyed kids quickly started spreading in folklore and legend until finally they did become part of the paranormal field – or at least a subject of urban legends and folklore.  Despite this, Bethel has reported that it was one of the most terrifying moments of his life several times over the years since.  Others who have witnessed the phenomenon report similar feelings of an alien and evil entity in their presence.

Regardless, when those who stay steadfast warn the entities away, it seems they are incapable of doing much more.  Instead, they simply wander away or stalk the area for hours afterward ultimately leaving as others arrive at the scene.  And so we have to ask ourselves.  Are these black eyed kids the same as the ones we have seen in folklore for so many years?  Could we be possible witnessing the emergence of a new paranormal phenomenon in the making?  And could they simply be a different paranormal entity given new life as cultural perceptions change?