Bogeyman’s Ghost Experience- Collected Data

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My Brother died in London on Oct 1st…we were very close and if there was any way he could let me know he’s okay he would. Here’s the deal a couple of weeks after he died his best friend rang me to say that my brother had moved in with him for a while and had taken to moving his furniture around when he was asleep.The only things to get moved around are things they used to argue about.He say that the afterlife is all he wished for and more…….Now his friend is a good guy and i believe that he believes but it still leaves the age old skeptics question …why doesn’t he give some specific information to prove beyond doubt ..i.e a joke only us two would know about or something like that…What do you think of this …has anyone had similar experiences….I miss my brother but i’m not about to become one of those people prepared to believe any old bullshit in the vain hope of contact….Thoughts Please ?

Have been speaking to this guy again and I’ve taken your advice and asked him to ask my brother to tell him something that only he and i would know….so far nothing but i will be over in London this week and i hope to be in the flat where the supposed visitations are taking place….so fingers crossed something may happen………..I will let you know how i get on…………

Well i went over and the guy organised a sitting in his flat…..There were about 5 of us there altogether…..a couple of people were convinced…i was not.I am sure that they guy is honest and upstanding,unfortunately he told us nothing that he would not have known as a friend of my brother anyway.I believe that he is doing this with the simple desire to make people feel better about their loss…..If it had been real contact i’m sure that i would have got some message to help me believe…i did not….
I’m afraid this has knocked me back into the skeptics camp and i feel that the worse thing anyone could do is to make things up to help people feel better,it only makes things worse………..

I’ve spoken to him since and he maintains that i’m over analyzing it and not understanding that spirits don’t think in the analytical way that we do……!
He also says that this was his very first sitting and a new experience for him also….i really do want to believe the guy because he’s got a very noticeable peaceful disposition which everyone picks up on…..what i mean is that if you were with this guy for ten minutes you start to feel very relaxed and peaceful…and everyone always asks when it’s possible to be in his company again…i suppose i’m beating around the bush in trying to say that he’s a very spiritual person and it emanates from him. But this in itself is not proof is it ?
Anyways he’s agreed to come over to Ireland to us for a holiday in March and by then he will be more experienced …(he’s doing a spiritualists course in London at the moment) and hopefully able to receive better !.
Anyways my wife is still in the believers camp but i’m still not convinced.

Opinions please …what would you do ..and am i wrong to look for hard proof…..i want to be open minded but not gullible…. 😕

No EG he is not claiming that it’s his ghost he’s saying that it’s his spirit contacting him from the other side………..there is a difference.
My brother was basically a good guy who’s heart was in the right place…he would never hurt a fly.His worst traits were that perhaps he did things without a thought for consequences ,but never anything really bad,also maybe a bit self centred but i put this down to living on his own for 25 years so he just had himself to worry about.
Nevertheless i’m still not convinced of the contact but we’ll wait until next time and see if anything more specific comes out of it.
I know that people will exaggerate feelings and experiences just to make other people feel better for example when we returned from the sitting my mum wanted to know was there any messages for her ! i made up a bunch of stuff just to make her feel better….i think this is maybe whats happening with him……….we’ll see.

Have been in Germany for a few days so i’m slow in getting back to you.
Yes i will keep you updated on this…..i’ll be skeptical for all of us and we will perhaps learn together through my experiences.
Hopefully he will be over here in March to stay with us for a long weekend so i probably wont have any news until then.So don’t be surprised to see this thread slipping down the list.Then as soon as i have anything to tell i will post it here for you to see.
Believe me if he convinces me,i WILL convince you ….okay ?.
As i said before by then he will be a lot more experienced and should have a lot more sittings under his belt…perhaps if he could learn to communicate better what he needs to hear from them the results would be better…….i don’t know.If i hear things that only both of us would have known about i’ll start to believe……hopefully i will because i do want to believe but a healthy skepticism is a good thing in cases like this.
Speak to you later. 🙂

Okay Guys
What do you think of this”¦.?
I was sitting at home on Tuesday night and messing about on my new digital camera.I was taking pics around the sitting room and then flicking back through the pictures I’d taken.Suddenly a thought came into my head and I said aloud, okay brother I’m goin to point the camera near the TV so if you’re around show yourself somehow.Took the photo and low and behold just above the TV is an orb plain as day.Being the sceptical bugger that I am I said aloud again ,okay just to really prove it to me I’m now going to point the camera at your chair”¦”¦(the chair he always sat in when he stayed with us),so come on don’t let me down .
Sure enough just above the right arm of the chair an even stronger Orb was visible,about the position a head would be if sitting in the chair”¦.this freaked me out and I got scared and I wouldn’t take any more photo’s”¦”¦”¦..I’m still sceptical though.
Interestingly enough there were NO Orbs in any of the photo’s I had taken in the room previous to these two photo’s.My wife is convinced it’s him ,but I’m afraid that I really am a doubting Thomas and would need far more solid proof”¦”¦..Wotja reckon ”¦..This is not bullshit ,as anyone following this thread will know.