Boulder’s Haunted History

Boulder Colorado has a long history of tragedy, resulting in several locations being haunted throughout its walls.  Both friendly and unfriendly ghosts appear to stalk the halls of Boulder’s haunted buildings, and the history of the specters within is as diverse as the history of the living locals.

The construction of tunnel systems beneath public works buildings was customary during the 1950’s for the purpose of discreet movement of politicians and famous visitors during riots, and the added protection of locals in the event of nuclear war.  A great labyrinth of tunnels was created beneath Colorado’s High school, leading all the way to the University of Colorado.  This massive tunnel is haunted by spirits of an unknown source, as visitors often report a feeling of inexplicable but unavoidable dread even when there is absolutely no cause for such feelings.  The area above the high school’s stage, nearby the tunnels, is often the site of an unexplainable but violent outburst of stomping running and then crashing of unseen objects.  Of course this is most worrisome during performances.  

The nearby College Inn is both a conference center, hosting conventions and speakers, and tired guests, looking for a place to rest.  Unfortunately for these visitors, it is also a location of extremely powerful paranormal activity.  The College Inn’s building director finds the presence of ghosts to be perplexing, since he never heard of anyone dying there in the eight years he served.  There are, however, several reports from differing sources to confirm the paranormal nature of the building.  Once, in a dramatic gesture of supernatural power, every globe lamp in the southern hall adjacent to the conference room suddenly pulled itself free from its wires and crashed to the ground.  The event was both terrifying and perplexing to visitors.  Also in the Inn, smoke-like apparitions appear regularly in elevators which will open by themselves as though guided by some unseen hand.  Reddish stains also appear on the walls, and unearthly moans and spectral conversations are reported emanating from locations that could not possibly host people.

Also in boulder is Cockerel Hall where the spectral figure of an unknown brown haired woman in a white flowing night gown appears floating in the area between the bathroom and the attic door.  There is no explanation yet, as with many ghosts in Boulder, who she may be or why she may find this area so important to haunt.

In Fairview High School, a senior hung himself in 1982.  Since that time, ghostly singing has been reported coming from hallways and the darkened areas behind the stage.  Lights flicker, and props (even if nailed securely to the floor) will randomly become uprooted and fall to the ground.

The Howe Mortuary in Boulder is one of the most haunted local hot spots, though many visitors there are themselves deceased.  Ghostly apparitions appear even when no one is scheduled to be there.  Voices are often heard whispering in the back foyer, and security alarms will go off as though someone has broken in even when no one is present.  The main spirit suspect is Mr. Howe, who owned the mortuary originally before he passed through its halls one last time.  The basement, however is another story altogether as several dozen (some rumors say several hundred) spirits float throughout for reasons unknown.