Brief Description Of After-Death Events

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You ask where we go when we pass on. First of all, the spirit of a departed person does not ever die. At the point of transition, the soul separates from the physical body by severing the silver cord that is attached to it. Spirit may linger for a while on Earth and can usually view its deceased body where ever it may be. Then spirit moves on to its new existence. It is met by angelic guardians as well as other departed family members and relatives who have passed on before them. They will help to escort the new spirit into its new habitat. You may have also heard of the passage through a dark tunnel. This happens very fastly and then you are drawn into the Light at the other end which is the threshold of the Afterlife. The new spirit arriving in the Afterlife first undergoes a Life Review. Everything that one did while alive on Earth is thus reviewed. In essence, this phase is known as “The Judgment”. Pictures are presented from the Book of Life in a panoramic view. Thus, if you hurt someone or caused a person harm, you will actually be able to feel the pain that you caused that person just as they felt it. But if you did good, Loving deeds to and for another, you will sense the Loving vibrations of that act as well. This is an important part of the judgment phase.

After you have been released from your Life Review (Judgment) and received word of where your soul will spend its Eternity, since there is No Reincarnation, thus no returning to Earth to relive any future lives, you will thus enter into the realm you are assigned to. There will be many angelic beings and other workers there. Life is somewhat similar to Earth however, flowers and plants are magnified and are much brighter. There is no sun as we know it and illumination takes place by the amount of Light that is assigned to that particular realm. Generally, the lower the realm the less the Light. The higher the realm, the more Light that is available and with much better conditions. Spirit form consists of a spirit body though it is no longer a physical one. It retains its Earthly shape, however. The person now in spirit form no longer has a need for food, drink or sleep and also retains its own Earth personality and memory. They do not forget their Loved ones left behind on Earth.

If you wish to know more about The Afterlife, please feel free to ask me questions. I have studied and researched the Afterlife extensively.