Celebrities Who Have Seen Ghosts

Actors and actresses may portray the ghosts and goblins on the silver screen, but what happens when the characters they play find their way into their everyday lives? In this article, celebrities such as Keanu Reeves and Matthew McConaughey have experiences paranormal encounters.


After sighting a ghost in the attic of his uncle’s house, Nicholas Cage chose not to stay the night at the residence. His uncle is Francis Ford Coppola, who directed the Godfather films. During his childhood, Keanu Reeves resided in New Jersey, where he caught sight of a phantom in his room. Reeves claims to have seen a ghostly entity that transformed into the form of a “white double-breasted suit.” He wasn’t the only one who spotted the ghost; his nanny reported seeing the same thing.


Appearing as a main character in films such as the Scream movies and The Craft, Neve Campbell knows a thing or two about letting out a scared shriek at the abnormal. Campbell lived in a house where a woman was killed; her friends have spotted her ghost wandering about the premises. Matthew McConaughey reported to have seen the ghost of an elderly woman floating about his home. He has dubbed this houseguest, “Madame Blue.”


Ghosts compelled Tim Robbins to move out of his apartment in 1984. He didn’t actually see any ghosts or paranormal activity, but claimed to have felt their presence. He left the next day. Known for his action flicks, Jean Claude Van Damme believes that he once spotted a ghost in his bathroom mirror while he was bushing his teeth.


Residing in Beverly Hills, actress Elke Sommers believes she has spotted the ghost of what she described as a middle-aged man, who is seen wearing a white shirt. When having dinner guests, they too have sighted the ghost. Her house was thriving with so much paranormal activity that the American Society for Psychical Research paid the home a visit, witnessing and documenting the unexplainable. The house has been bought and sold more than 15 times after Sommers moved on to another residence. The same ghostly activity has been reported as well.


Known for many antics on and off of the screen, Hugh Grant claimed to have lived within a haunted Los Angeles residence. He reported paranormal activity within one of his houses that he and his friends have encountered. Unexplainable screaming sounds of a tormented entity could be heard within his dwelling. He seems to think that it is the ghost of another celebrity that once resided on the premises: actress, Bette Davis.


Starring in such paranormal-focused films as The Ghostbusters, Dan Ackroyd has always been drawn to the unexplainable. He lives in a house that was once owned by the Cass Elliot, who was one of the singers with The Mamas and The Papas. Ackroyd claims that the ghost has entered his bed while he was still in it, as well as turns on exercise equipment and misplaces jewelry about his dresser. He feels that it is Mama Cass’s ghost because he senses that it has a rather large presence.