Cemetery Ghost Pictures Showing Scary Squiggle

One of our Loyal Visitors “Samantha” took some nice cemetery pictures and chose to share with the community of Paranormal enthusiasts.  The pictures show  squiggly, ghostly, glowing Paranormal activity.  Perhaps these pictures show forces we are not meant to see, or perhaps there is an explainable diagnosis of the apparition.  But either way, They qualify in the Unexplainable Realm.

Some beliefs are that ghost pictures could be electro-magnetic light bodies than (under correct conditions) can be visible. If you want to picture this better, here is a good comparison.  You can open the valve on a propane tank, and the gas would be invisible.  But if you have sunlight shining from underneath, You can see an apparent distortion which is actually the gas. Sometimes under the correct conditions, a supernatural power can be exposed and caught on film.

Well here are Samantha’s pictures. 






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