Chased Amateur Ghost Hunters Jump Off Cliff

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When outlining the rules of ghost hunting, one must always keep in mind to always know their terrain, be sure the level of otherworldly activity is not beyond their ability to handle, and not run afoul of the law while tracking down the paranormal.  An incident in Connecticut serves as a grim reminder of the potential ramifications of being reckless in the hopes of finding something supernatural.

Three amateur ghost hunters, while investigating a public park after hours were noticed by police who pursued them.  As the amateur ghost hunters ran away they jumped off a cliff in order to evade their pursuers and were seriously injured.  The Undercliff Sanitorium nearby was converted in 1918 to solely accept children for treatment of various ailments but predominantly tuberculosis which was a major killer of people all ages at the time.  The amateur ghost hunters had been looking for evidence of the paranormal in a public park after the area closed and had been trespassing when the police noticed them.

Ghost hunting is generally a safe activity if certain rules and protocols are followed, but it’s an ever present temptation for many individuals to disregard these guidelines with the impression that doing so will make their hunt more successful or exciting.  This story serves as a warning as the youths recover in hospital from their terrifying ordeal that could have claimed their lives.

It’s the responsibility of each individual to make decisions for themselves, but there has been a public outcry that it was the responsibility of shows intended for entertainment to have done more to influence their behavior.  The truth of the matter is, people trespassing and illegally breaking into reportedly haunted locations has been an ongoing occurrence for decades, long before reality television decided to cash in on the paranormal.

Keep in mind when hunting for ghosts that the place you are investigating is safe and legal to enter.  While abandoned locations may seem to be completely forgotten, the police often patrol these areas in search of squatters and to protect property.  And certain locations simply are not safe to enter due to poor maintenance and structural damage.  These locations are often off limits for more reasons than the negative residual energy attributed to them.

The teens did make a video of their daytime investigation as they drove around, and from the looks of it the investigation was not a typical one as they drove through the massive complex but rather consisted primarily of them taking note of the geography of the mysterious location as they drove through.  They noted 30 foot tall fences which were most likely intended to keep out trespassers from the several massive buildings.  The location has been described as one of the “scariest locations” in Connecticut.

Often a serious and professional ghost hunting group can make arrangements to investigate areas legally and officially by going through the proper channels and submitting the proper paperwork to those overseeing the area, but these tours will likely be guided by the individuals overseeing the grounds.