Chilling Encounters in Haunted Alaska

Of course Alaska has always been considered somewhat of a modern frontier.  With accommodations limited and supplies to some of the more remote regions available only by plane, it seems Alaska is one of the most inaccessible places on Earth.  It is also one of the most unsung haunted hot-spots in the world.  As the sun sets plunging the world into darkness for what can seem like an eternity, specters lurch from the shadows and invade the vision and hearing of residents and visitors alike.

Amid the anguished howls of those watching their team lose on the television at Rookies’ Corner Sports bar in Sitka, and the cheers of those more fortunate, occasionally another kind of scream can be heard.  The anguished screams of a woman cut down years ago by a drunk driver are heard often by those passing by on their way back into town.  The legend goes that a woman, heavily intoxicated after visiting the bar was wandering home when a teenager driving a truck ran her over.  The woman, still unsure of what had happened to her got up and continued waving and yelling for someone to help her.  As she wandered into the night no one saw her or helped her and she died as a result of her wounds.  To this day stories are told of men pulling over to the side of the road and calling for a taxi as the woman’s ghost appears and berates them for driving drunk.  Still others claim the moans and cries can be heard from the bushes nearby.  And others say the woman still can be seen waving at passing traffic, asking for a ride home.

Those visiting Chitina should be made aware of the haunted railroad between the Kennicott Copper mine and Cordova.  Reportedly, the voices of children can be heard talking, whispering, and even laughing as travelers pass through in the dead of night.  Those who were working on the railroad also reported a brush with the paranormal as they would often set down a tool while working on something, look away for a split second, then look back to find their tools had vanished or soundlessly rearranged themselves to spell out messages within seconds.  The activity was so profound that some even blame the closing of the government housing community nearby.  Of course the disturbing image of an abandoned housing complex abandoned due to ghostly giggling is no less disturbing to visitors.  No source of the ghostly sounds has ever been discovered, and a search of area records reveals no disaster that would result in this level of supernatural activity.

The old saying goes, “Never Build your shopping mall on a sacred Indian burial ground.”  Of course many people in the mall construction business have not heard this adage, including those who build the Dimond Center mall in Anchorage Alaska.  Reports indicated that during construction more than a few graves were discovered, but the mall was constructed anyway.  Of course the construction site quickly became haunted, and even to this day it is said the power will flicker in the bathrooms and ghostly apparitions will appear in front of or behind lone shoppers, terrifying many visitors there.

With nights as long as these, if in Alaska be sure to keep the fires burning to keep warm, but also to keep away the apparitions said to hide in shadows here.