College and University Haunts in South Dakota

The next time you gather your books to attend a class at Mount Marty College in Yankton, South Dakota, you may want to be aware of why some of those odd events occur throughout campus. At this college and others, including universities, South Dakota offers a variety of ghost stories and legends regarding the higher learning institutions throughout the state.


At Mount Marty College, located in Yankton, you will find that numerous events occur on campus. The school is filled with reports regarding showers and water fountains that have a mind of their own, as well as odd shadows and unexplainable footsteps. Numerous rumors are passed on regarding the cause behind these occurrences. The main story deals with a construction worker, who fell to his death while working on the premises.


The ghost of a girl supposedly haunts a female dorm at the school called Corbey. It is the elevator on the premises that she is believed to haunt. The story behind the haunting comes from the disappearance of a female student who is thought to have decided to leave the school, never returning or being heard from. No one knows for sure the details. The area is known to showcase a variety of paranormal events. On campus, there is an old gym, which was also used as a stage for theatrical performances. This site is said to be haunted by a former music teacher, who was also a sister at the convent. The music hall can bow be found above this old gym. Witnesses claim to have seen her ghost roaming about the costume room.

 Room 200 at Whitby Hall is also considered a haunted location at the college. An odd fact about the premises includes that the lights in the hall never seem to reach the door. Odd figures have been noted to wander about the halls when no one is supposed to be in the area. Odd white figures have also been reported to be seen.

The Black Hills State University�s Wenonah Cook, which is a dorm located in Spearfish, South Dakota provides housing for only men on the campus. The haunting of a female is said to plague the dorm. Her screams have been heard and some swell they have detected the smell of a dead body.


Located in Brookings, the Doner Auditorium at the South Dakota Stat University is haunted by a former worker on the premises. The ghost of a janitor is said to haunt this area. In 1919, he fell to his death when he was working in the stage area located over where the organ was situated. After his death, the organ was known to play on its own for about two years. It was then taken apart and destroyed. The ghost is blamed for the electrical and technical issues that the auditorium suffers. If a prop is misplaced or has moved to another location, it is the janitor that is blamed. Some claim to have interacted with the ghost, who seems to acknowledge conversation. He has also been seen waving and is usually not considered ill-mannered.