Contact From Beyond the Grave Through Dreams

The loss of a loved one is a very serious thing, and so when one passes beyond, it’s always good to hear a final message of assurance from that other side.  Skeptics have often addressed this phenomenon by suggesting that dreams involving loved ones who are no longer with us are a sign of distress and come purely from the memory.  But what if the truth was somewhere between that interpretation and the purely spiritual one?

Perhaps one day the final mysteries of the paranormal will be in relation to the mind and its complex myriad processes.  Though we can estimate the neurons and even get generalized ideas of the regions of the brain surrounding each emotion and even mental state, it’s difficult to take an objective look at how the brain works and say just what is going on.  In fact, when it comes to the true deeper mechanism behind the brain it’s more mystery than fact.  We often associate the human brain with a computer, but in reality it would be (only slightly) more accurate to call the brain several computers working one within the other and still several more working almost independently.  Though there has been research attempting to discover where the “soul” is within the brain, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where this sense of identity comes from and how it relates to the rest of this quantum computer – if it can even be called a computer.

So when we have dreams, the exact cause or root of the dreams is not fully understood.  There are information currents within dreams that seem completely independent of the larger whole, and yet which interact with this whole as though several different people were interacting within a pre-generated environment.  And so we begin to ask about the possibility that everyone we meet is in some way internalized.  Their personality traits are understood, and information about them can sometimes be predicted with great accuracy.  Of course the rest of the time these people are complete mysteries themselves.

So what if these concepts themselves took on a form of consciousness within our minds?  And what if dreams were a direct channel to communicate with them?  We are aware of only a small fraction of the processes going on within our minds at any given time.  After that, the process is more of a behind-the-scenes inner world we cannot see, and which deals with everything from complex theoretical concepts to simple acts like breathing and even blinking.  By becoming aware of either, we can bring those into the conscious mind, but what if we could bring contact with these identity-forms operating within our minds to the surface as well?  Could they provide us with new information?

The difference between this and some other theories of how we perceive others and remember them is this interpretation opens up a whole new world of possibility.  Could these memory-forms living within our minds provide us with new information?  Could they tell us new things about themselves and even surprise us?  And perhaps most importantly, is all of human consciousness and identity more of a network of minds than just the individuals communicating verbally and through the written word?  If we indeed are psychically linked, then can the souls of the departed have parts of their personalities go to their loved ones to appear in dreams?