Cortachy Castle’s Mysterious Drummer Part 1

Situated in Angus, Scotland, there is a castle by the name of Cortachy, which is known as the family seat of the Ogilvy Clan. In this article, we will learn about the haunted resident associated with this notable structure.


It is here that the Ogilvy ancestors took the position as the 1st Earls of Angus after Scotland after the unification of Scotland had taken place. Historic reports show that members of the family helped King William, as he was ambushed and attacked during one of his hunts. This enthusiastic showing of support for William the Lion is what led to the receiving of lands and titles to the Ogilvy Clan.


Over the years, the following three to four centuries would bring an increase in power for the Ogilvy Clan. The family had a reputation for marrying into powerful families, which added more and more money to their allure. The clan also gained more land through these unions. As the Ogilvy Clan became increasingly powerful, their influence over the land and people also grew. Just like with many families in a position of influence and power, they gained a wealth of enemies who harbored jealousy and resentment.


It wasn’t long before enemies of great power, who went after their strongholds, attacked the family taking them down one by one. Fortunately and unfortunately (depending on the way you look at it), the only structure spared was Cortachy Castle. When it comes to the opposition that the family dealt with in the past, the Earl of Ogilvy not only met his match with surrounding jealousy, but also spirits who were known to haunt the castle. During the medieval times, it is believed that a drummer (along with his drum) was thrown from the highest turret of the highest castle tower.


There is documentation that a young drummer may have even been forced into his drum and then tossed from the tower, only to survive the fall. It is said that before his death, he placed a curse on the family. The story behind his death is also intriguing, as many believe his punishment in response to a romantic relationship that the drummer developed with the wife of the Earl , the Countess of Airlie. Some say he was siding with the enemy, allowing them to infiltrate the castle without beating his drum as an alert.


Today, he will be known as the ghostly drummer that beats on his drum as a different kind of warning for the Ogilvy Clan , alerting them to an impending death of one of the members in the family. Hundreds of years have passed and the drummer has been known to haunt the Ogilvy Clan throughout history.


In Part 2, you will learn of a few encounters that the drummer had with visiting guests of the castle, as well as the implications of his appearances.