Dead Boy Communicates To His MOM With a Beeper

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Cadet of Tikhookeansky Navy Institute Sasha Klimenko committed suicide by throwing himself out of the fourth floor of the apartment building.

His mother Svetlana Klimenko received the bad news two hours later. During these two hours, weird things were going on. Svetlana”s pager was producing unusual short signals instead of the melody it had been programmed for. Symbols ” JJJJJJJJ///:” appeared on the pager screen.

The  mother”s heart felt that something bad was going to happen. After receiving the news of her son”s death, the woman did not even cry. She thought, “I knew this”. Three days before the tragedy a voice said in her dream, “Sasha is dead”.

“I woke up in terror”, said the woman to reporters. “20 years ago I heard this voice three days before my mother”s death. Before Sasha”s death I heard dog howling. Nobody except for me heard it.

Sasha was buried on February 17. Two days later Svetlana”s pager started receiving messages that could not be interpretered and were accompanied with similar short signals. The paging company assured Svetlana that they had sent no messages to her. The broken-hearted mother decided that Sasha”s soul was suffering and trying to contact her.

“He bought me the pager shortly before his death, and paid three months of its use. Sasha seemed to feel that this would be his only means of connection with me. He is somewhere around. Several days ago I lit the candle near the icon and asked, “Sasha, are you here?” And the candle flame shaked”.

“The boys, Sasha”s former friends, did not believe> in mysticism before”, Svetlana Borisovna says. “Nine days after my son”s death we went to the cemetery. Somehow black cat appeared on Sasha”s grave. The cat looked cute and well-groomed, it was very tender to us. Where did it come from? There are no houses near the cemetery, only abandoned lot.”

“When we were about to leave, the cat disappeared. The boys said its appearance was an omen, like the messages to my pager”.

Sasha”s former fiancÈe Lera encountered weird things as well: Sasha”s photos on the tables in the rooms of her apartment repeatedly fall.

Meanwhile, the messages coming to the mother”s pager, suddenly disappeared. First there were seven messages, we saw them ourselves. A week later Sasha”s mother had only two messages left on her pager, although she did not delete them. When we were photographing Svetlana, one more message disappeared from her pager. Later we headed for the paging company, and the last remaining message disappeared. Connection stopped?

The specialists of paging company Vessotel which is operating the pager of Sasha” mother, could not detect any failure in the pager. They examined the pager and said that some weird things were going on with it. Along with the “ciphered” messages Svetlana received normal ones – from her husband and friends. And signal was normal in these cases. The technicians were unable to explain why the signal was changed during receiving “weird” messages. According to them, the signal was not supposed to be changed by itself.

One of the specialists put forward a version that the weird symbols resulted from the impact of electromagnetic energy. Some scientists believe that human soul is a piece of electromagnetic energy…

Source: KP