Del Mar High School Haunting

It is said that the football field at Del Mar high school is haunted by a young man who was “murdered” by his best friend (or he had something to do with it) back in 1942. It is said that you are able to hear his screams for help and the sound of him running up and down the bleachers at 3:15 a.m.

As the story goes, however Del Mar was built in 1954 so the murder of this boy had to have happened on the same property (football field area) before the  school was built. Because  their  is someone out there that is not from our dimension, as their is a recording of this boy (EVP) that was recorded recently.

 This investigator only got one word from this boy, it was the answer to one of her questions “we just want to know your here?” the answer was “okay”.  Since it couldn’t be heard at the time of the recording, it was after reviewing them it was heard in a very soft but clear voice of a young man, the time this occurred was 3:05 a.m. 

There may or may not be any evidence of this boys murder, but there is evidence of the presence of the ghost of a young man.