Discover Haunted Horrors Glasgow with Mercat

When in Glasgow, the Mercat Glasgow Tours are said to be one of the best in exploring the ins and outs of the paranormal side of the area, as well as the historical allure of the region. In this article, we will take a look at some of the tours and other activities regarded as a great way to discover a rich deposit of time in regards to graveyard visits and haunted cathedral explorations.


Some tourists like to enter the world of horror by visiting sights about town that hold a special paranormal appeal. For those, there are scheduled Gruesome Glasgow’s Horrible History tours that are held on every Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm. While some discounts are available, tickets often cost £ that can be purchased at the Tourist Information Centre, which is located in George Square. There is no need to reserve a space; all you have to do is show up and enjoy.


The company also holds the Horror Walk, which is delivered by a lot of costumed professionals who visit attractions, such as the about the Glasgow Cathedral precincts and cemetery, which is sure to create a wealth of exciting memories. When visiting some of the oldest regions of the town, you will learn of associated tales of devilish pursuits, murder, death, and disease. The entertaining stories and legends will involve the highs and lows of the city, which include cases of body snatching and witchcraft. Some say there are many surprises hidden along the way. This particular tour costs £8 per person to enjoy.


When enjoying some of these horror walks, there are additional features included to make your journey more of an adventure. Participants may also request food and drink stops along the way, which of course can be arranged for an extra fee.


Some ghost tales are just too interesting to pass up and this is true when it comes to the ghost of William Pedvin. Mercat offers fun and entertainment aboard
Tall Ship SV Glenlee, which is positioned at the Glasgow
Harbour. Guests will come across stories involving disease, as well as the unfortunate events that place on the ship, such as the horrors of slavery. Death ran rampant and burial at sea was not an uncommon occurrence. As for William Pedlin, you will learn why his name is significant and how he actually lost his own life. It is believed that his ghost still haunts the ship. What is the intriguing story that goes along with his demise? Anyhow, the tour is offered throughout the year (except during public holidays). The price of £10 per person will bring you aboard the ship to explore the life and times surrounding William Pedvin.


Mercat also host an impressive Murder Mystery called the Witch One Dunnit event, which is molded from a real-life occasion that involved many twists and turns involving murder and accusation of witchcraft. Those who enjoy this respectable show, murder mysteries are held in the evening with a tasty two-course dinner in the midst of satisfying surroundings.