Discover the Haunted History of Glasgow with Mercat

Exploring the history of Glasgow is also made easy through the tours offered in Mercat. Many have enjoyed what is known as the Mary Queen of Scots Experience, which is led by a guide who is in full costume. Supposedly, you will explore the ins and out of this iconic historic character through her own words. How was this Queen and how has her infamy been shaped and molded throughout the centuries.


There are numerous perceptions that have developed in regards to the Queen, who is often seen in many different lights, such as sadness, a slave to romance, as well as one who was easily taken advantage of by others. During her reign, many believe she was given loads of poor information that helped changed the course of her life. Other feel she was just as headstrong as she wanted to be and didn’t really see the real picture.


You’d be surprised to know this isn’t you average history tour, as the interactivity will have you anticipated more and more. To enjoy this one-hour tour, you will pay £8 per person. Speaking of Mary Queen of Scots, her ghost is said to roam about several different places and is even connected to the old children’s game, “Bloody Mary.”


When participating in the Historic Glasgow Walk, you will weave throughout the city with the help of a guide who will take you to all of the interesting sights associated with ancient Glasgow. Learning about Glasgow’s past will never be better as you see how the original religious community (which was quite small in size) grew into the largest city in all of Scotland. The history of this region is also dotted with a fight to become one of the industry and commercial giants in the area. Major landmarks about the city will help illustrate the history, which lasts about 1 ½ hours for the price of £7 per person.


Mercat also provides fun entertainment in the form of their Historic Character Portrayals, which takes on the roles of the likes of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. Accompanied with the imagery of serving wenches and the like, costumed guides bring the historical accounts of Glasgow to life. Glasgow also provides an impressive medieval period in time. Costumed guides are on hand to bring this era to life as well.


So many questions need to be answered when checking out one of the historic tours offered by Mercat, such as “who was Mungo?” You might even get the chance to encounter the oldest house in the city, which have served as home to Mary Queen of Scots herself. Significant events, such as the Bubonic Plague will also be looked at. This one-hour romp about town can be arranged when paying a visit to the Tourist Information Centre, which is situated in George Square. These tours leave at 3pm every Saturday and it is necessary to pre-plan this enjoyable activity, which costs £8 per person.