Do You Have a Ghost Hunting Dog?

If you have a dog, you may already be aware of its ability to pick up on things you may have missed.  For years dogs have been man’s best friend when it comes to everything from home security to fetching slippers.  But can you train your dog to detect more than an intruder at the door?  What if you could train them to fetch you evidence of the paranormal?

Dogs have often been said to have a keen sense of hearing beyond anything even the most sensitive human is capable of.  In addition to their keen ears and knowing nose they have a loyalty that cannot be beat, a courage that has led many pets to actually save the lives of their masters, and an intelligence that suggests they have an understanding of what humans want when it comes to the paranormal.  But how can you tell if your ghost dog is a Lassie or a Scooby Doo?

First, consider how they act around strangers.  It might be a simple question, but a good paranormal pet will go up to strangers and investigate newcomers.  And if they’re eager to learn about new people in this realm, they’re already primed to meet new people that have passed over to the other side.  And if they are the type to bark at hostile intruders, this will translate over as well.  Professional ghost hunters have often cited animals as the perfect alarms for something strange happening and will trust their dog over their EMF detectors any day.

And if you think you’ve got the perfect candidate, always be aware that dogs should not be taken to places that are in any way dangerous to them.  Dogs with heart conditions should be kept away from tense environments.  If you’re not sure, take your dog to the vet and ask their advice on taking them out to make sure they’re fit enough to keep up on the hunt.

As far as training your dog to hunt ghosts, many current models don’t fit ghost hunting as it’s an often unpredictable field.  So you can’t exactly set up training experiments.  One thing to keep in mind though is if you want the dog to be trained to seek out the paranormal you should reward them when they do manage to find something strange.  But try keep it consistent.  Did they warn you that something hostile just entered the room unexpectedly?  Did they lead you to a room where you picked up lots of evidence?  This might be a good time to toss them a reward or praise them.

But one thing should always be kept in mind as with any ghost hunt, and that’s safety.  Be sure everyone’s okay with having a dog along, and make sure the environment doesn’t have anything that could be a danger to your pet.  Make sure they have everything they need and don’t bring them along unless you’re ready to make sure they’re taken care of too.  Dogs will need frequent breaks from the haunting atmosphere, but will provide you with not only companionship but possibly sniff out a ghost for you as well.  In the end, animals can liven up a ghost hunt, provide comfort to scared members, and ensure the atmosphere doesn’t get too intense in a friendly haunted atmosphere.