Don’t Mess With Texas: Haunted San Antonio 1

One of the most important historical tales associated with San Antonio deals with the Alamo. Throughout the city, there are numerous ghosts, haunted tales and scary legends involving Alamo sites, as well as other sites about town. Below you will encounter tales of possessed theaters and residential areas.


It is estimated that about 1,200 Mexican soldiers fought and lost their lives in the San Antonio area. Defending the Alamo, close to 200 defenders also died at this location. For the fact that many of the dead during this time were not given a proper burial, their souls are trapped within the area, making many to believe that San Antonio is one of the most haunted cities throughout the United States.


Built on the site of an old cement factory, the Alamo Quarry Theaters has a cloud of mystery hanging over this location. It is said that there are bodies of workers within the foundation. When working in the projection room, numerous individuals have caught sight of the image of a young child. On both sides of the theater, located on the second floor, there are numerous cold spots that can be felt. Employees have also noticed the odd occurrence that the light within the auditorium slowly dims, and then shine brightly until all who is in the area has left.

The Alamo Street Theater can be found at the same location that an old church building once stood. The theater is believed to be haunted by a ghost who is known as Margarite. Dressed in Victorian threads, the ghost can be seen about the choir loft.

As for the Alamodome, it was built in a neighborhood that was not known for its good deeds. In the area, a woman was raped and killed. Some claim to see her ghost, who can be sighted wandering about the parking lot, appearing to be lost. Years after her death, the neighborhood was destroyed and in it’s place, the dome was constructed. During the building process of the dome, a worker was walking on a high beam, lost his footing and fell to his death. It is said that his ghost can be found throughout the halls of the dome, walking about. While performing a stunt, a popular daredevil lost his life. Some say that his ghost can be heard shuffling about, accompanied by screams, mumbling noises and moans. Various unexplainable shadows have been encountered throughout this location as well.

In Bexar, San Antonio, you will find the Spanish Main Apartments, which can be found on Rittiman Road. Some inhabitants dare you to sit on the bottom of the stairs and look from the side of your eyes. It is believed that a small boy can be seen standing at the top of the stairs. When you turn to see him, he disappears. The Kindred Elementary in Bexar is the site of a plane crash that landed in the fields. When you walk across the school field, you will hear voices coming from unknown places.