Don’t Mess With Texas: Haunted San Antonio 2

Continuing the haunted locations that can be encountered when visiting the city of San Antonio, you will find a wide-range of places to explore in this article. You will learn that area mansions, bars, bridges, elementary schools, as well as malls and museums, all have a tale to tell.


The Brackenridge Villa Mansion dates back to the 1840s, which is the site of plenty of paranormal activity. From the windows, many have claimed to see strange shadows. Numerous tales surround this site involving the many Native Americans that resided in this area, due to the closeness to the San Antonio River.

If you want to locate ghosts while having a nice drink, you may want to stop by the Cadillac Bar, which is haunted by two. Within the storage basement of the building, the ghost of the former owner has been seen. Usually spotted in the kitchen area, the ghost of a former worker has been seen many times. She is considered to be a negative force, who turns the water on the sink faucets, as well as tossing kitchen utensils about the kitchen. During her lifetime, she was an unhappy, unattractive individual.

At the Douglass Elementary School, tales of the site where the school was built upon deal with Indian burial grounds. Once, a janitor died while he was in the auditorium. Ever since then, the doors to the auditorium slam shut and the sound of a piano playing can be heard. At night, unexplainable walking and talking could be heard when no one was supposed to be in the building. At Edison High School, the images of child-like ghosts can be seen within some of the classrooms during the night. The Eisenhower Middle School was built upon a former ranch and once in a while, the ghost of a country boy can be seen wandering about the lunchroom.

When visiting the McKnay Museum, you should know that it is considered a haunted site that once occupied the McKnay family. The matriarch of the family collected art and decided to transform her home into a museum. When she passed away, the West Wing of the museum was being constructed. Workers claimed to have seen her ghost walking throughout the halls, as well as passing through the wall. All of her sightings were during the night, which were reported by security and other late night workers. No one has ever heard words come from her, but some have felt that she has directly looked at them before.  

Ready to do a little bit of shopping? At the North Star Mall, numerous employees have claimed to see shadows walk past them, as well as hear their name being whispered when no one was in sight. Many tales have survived through the years about the haunted Out Lady of the Lake University. Ghosts were said to walk the halls and grounds. A variety of ghostly inhabitants have been spotted at this location, including a headless apparition, ghostly nuns, as well as a janitor, who haunts the library basement.

Additional haunted points of interest include the Providence High School, the River Center Mall, Santa Rosa Hospital, Santikos Century Plaza 8, St. Martin Hall, Stinson Field Cemetery, Trinity University, as well as the University of the Incarnate Word, where a former nun is said to haunt the students at Dubuis Hall.