Edison Communicating With The Dead

Re: Chronovisor?/reply

Jerry W. Decker ( (no email) )
Fri, 10 Dec 1999 18:47:09 -0600

Hi Theo et al!

About the most unusual thing I’d ever seen about Edison was
the claim that he was working on a method of communicating
with the ‘dead’ with some weird circuit going around.

That is correct about Blavatsky referring to getting some of
her information from the ‘astral’ and more precisely the
‘Akashic plane’ as well as from her ‘guides’…but that
hardly counts as time travel, whether mentally or

I can see why it is useful to sensationalize somewhat when
trying to draw in buyers, for a book, a conference or
whatever, however, the idea of a METHOD or MACHINE that even
allowed viewing through time is quite sensational enough for
me..<g>…and I’d like to know what was the principle of the
device, if there was such a thing.

Even with the museum/archive/research center I am wanting to
put together, I thought it would be cool add a
bit’o’sensationalism by growing some giant animals, perhaps
a giant 3 foot chicken and advertise it like a ‘Gator Farm’
in Florida..one of those, ‘Come see the 3 legged Calf’,
‘Come see the two headed snake’…but it IS TEXAS, so ‘Come
see the Texas-sized GIANT CHICKENS’ …<g>..sensational, yes
and hard to fake if they are live and running around…but I
certainly wouldn’t try to pet one of those suckers…the
point of course is to draw in people to the museum and gift

The idea of a time viewer I suspect has often been covered
in sci-fi literature though I can’t think of any offhand.
This alt science stuff is oh-so-much-more interesting and
possibly achievable.

It’s kind of like channeling…I never had much faith in
it. A lot of deluded people or outright scamsters seem to
be involved, at least the ones I’ve met…but its hard to
deny the very few who describe a device or technical premise
which is later built and works!! Like Cayces two appliances
and Cooke’s Inert gas tubes.

So IF someone could even VIEW through time, it would be a
lot more interesting and useful to visit Keely, Tesla,
Sweet, Perrigo, Moray or a hundred other researchers and
WATCH them to learn their secrets, write that down or
dictate it for later transcription and build it hoping it
would work.

With a couple of REPLICATED devices under their belts which
were at the very least similar in operation to the claims of
the inventors, it would be much more credible.

I remember something a few years back with I think it was
Jeane Dixon claiming a guy was a ‘walkin’ after he suddenly
became a prolific inventor with all kinds of amazing new
devices based on unusual principles.

Always meant to hunt down the guys name and check up on what
those patents were just to see if any of it was truly novel
or introduced new concepts….not to try to backup her
claims but hopefully to learn something new that could be
shared as usual.

Something along these lines which might be useful is the
work of Gustave LeBon who found that some metals could be
sensitized to pick up all kinds of frequencies, even lead as
a receptor. One of the popular sci-fi topics is that light
propagates through space so if you went fast enough and far
enough out you could intercept light from earth from anytime
in the past. I always had a serious problem with that idea
because the light would spread apart due to the inverse
square law so you image would become ever more splayed and

There is also the story of the ‘slow glass’ where light was
slowed down inside glass and re-emitted up to 100 years
later, viewing yes, but not quite the same.

There are even UFO contactee reports where it was claimed
they could go back and forth in time and had showed portions
of history to their earth contact…hhmmm….with the
comment that our history is quite different from our

It would be interesting to see the parting of the Red Sea,
the burning bush and other miracles….wonder if this viewer
was multimedia, with audio and video??

Could the images and possibly sounds be videotaped so they
could be shared with others? Talk about an interesting
channel..REAL HISTORY based on an advanced new temporal
viewing technology…..

I can’t believe this Monk who claimed to have developed the
chrono-viewer would waste his time at a Greek play as his
proof of having travelled…geez….he must not have been a
Jesuit..<g>…they would have gone for the science aspects
of it, unfortunately, they would probably then have locked
away any discoveries in the vaults of the Vatican..

Maybe someone will spring for the book and extract the
technical description to post…<g>…

Theo Paijmans wrote:
> Hi Jerry and all,
> You are right of course. While it is a common known fact that
> Blavatsky, Steiner, Scott-Elliot and god knows who from the
> theosophical and anthroposophical quarters> claimed to have
> travelled astrally (and thus composed or concocted, what one
> likes, a history of mankind, the world, Atlantis, Lemuria and
> whatnot) to distant era’s, it is quite something else to interpret
> this as time travel.
> As for Edison; a wrote in my book on Keely that he was a
> theosophist, but other than that I do not think that he was
> involved in a secret project of building time machines for
> Blavatsky (hey! What a great idea for a book, hehehe!). As for
> Keely; this beats me too….
> Best,
> Theo Paijmans

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