European Ghost Overview

There is no location known throughout the world that is free from ghosts, spirits, apparitions, as well as other unexplainable phenomena. Within the continent of Europe, there are numerous countries which feature unique ghosts and haunted locations for the interested to research and explore.


Germany has their resident ghost, which is referred to as Lorelei with a claim to fame that deals with singing. This ghost is said to be sighted sitting atop a rock positioned on the right bank of the Rhine. Another ghost in the area is called the White Lady and she has been spotted roaming about various castles throughout Germany. Some of these locations include: Neuhaus, Berlin, Tretzen, as well as Raumleau. As for the identity of the White Lady, many believe that it is Princess Perchta von Rosenberg, who wishes to haunt the descendents of her wicked spouse.


Finland is home to the spirit of Liekkio, who is a child-ghost that has been sighted throughout an array of different homes. He has been known to cause trouble in a mischievous way and is not looked upon as a threat to those he comes in contact with. Sweden spins tales regarding a vision who appears to people in the form of a naked, bald man. This apparition has been known to stir quite a fuss throughout the city streets. The ghost of King Valdemar IV, who was referred to as the “psychic king,” has been sighted throughout Denmark, especially in the area of Gurre Wood. Another Danish ghost of nobility id King Abel, who has been sighted close to the city of Slewig. His presence has been looked towards as a sign of something important to occur in the near future.


There is a children’s section that can be found at the Euro Disney located in France, where a strange energy force has been known to haunt the area. If you near the northwest tip of France, you may encounter Ankou, who is believed to be some sort of “grim reaper” ghost. In France, there are also tales regarding a demon dog and the haunting of the ghost of a small child that was sacrificed as part of a devil worshipping ritual. In Switzerland, a popular gay bar has been the home of a ghost who appears to people with pleasant intentions.


In Russia, it is not uncommon for someone to encounter a ghost. It is said that ghostly household visitors are so common that they can be classified into different categories, each with a different name. For example, the term “domovoi” is used to refer to a domestic ghost that has the ability to aid in the completion of chores if they are treated with respect. But more often, these ghosts are viewed as poltergeists or a pain in the neck.

Throughout Europe, the presence of ghosts and their existence has been woven within everyday life practices. For example, when traveling through Iceland, you may be able to inquire about the former law that allowed locals to perform a ritual to call upon a ghost and have the officials “take care of it.”