EVP Evidence May Prove Ghosts Among Us

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A new analysis of paranormal evidence may actually prove the existence of a phenomena similar to what many describe as ghosts.  With the supernatural becoming ever more present in the minds of the public with the emphasis it has enjoyed in the media, there are many who have suggested that there is a means of collecting the voices of disembodied spirits on tape in order to prove their presence.  And now those voices, under the scrutiny of scientific analysis, have proven themselves to be of an unknown but not human origin.

Dr. Barrie Colvin has been working with these mysterious recordings as they have been collected over time and has come to a startling realization.  During the five years he was working to collect EVPs from various sources, he painstakingly researched the acoustic patterns of human speech and terrestrial sounds and the noises recognizable in EVPs as similar.  What he discovered was shocking.

For a long time, skeptics have suggested that the evidence gathered by use of electronic voice recording equipment could have been easily faked by muttering in the background or mistakenly assuming that naturally occurring sounds in the background were actually recognizable human speech.  What Dr. Colvin has discovered is that this simple explanation is severely lacking.  The sounds he has analyzed have proven to be quite different in several regards from regular human speech.  The sounds seem to be, in fact, shockingly different from any sound coming from the real world in some very key ways.  Dr. Colvin contends that though the majority of the paranormal incidents reported are likely due to conventional human errors in judgment or perception that the evidence he has analyzed defies logical explanation.  Furthermore as he approached his peers with the findings he found that the artifacts recorded seemed to be entirely of unknown origin.

When looking into this subject it’s tempting for many to look for the easiest explanation rather than sifting through the evidence to attempt to look for the right one.  Dr. Colvin’s research has suggested that in order to solve this monumental and ancient mystery (that of the apparent images and sounds of the dead returning to haunt the living) there may be a need to not merely explain something away as paranormal or not, but rather to conduct experiments that will ultimately allow each scientific inquiry to stand or fall on the evidence collected.  And it seems ghosts are a subject that will be haunting the scientific community for quite some time.

Furthermore it’s only more confusing and to some disturbing when we look to the content of these strange messages as well.  The words “Leave us alone,” when spoken to a group of paranormal investigators seems to carry with it a strange weight in comparison to a simply innocuous message that doesn’t seem to bear any of the characteristics that one would expect to hear from a ghostly entity.  In this case, it would seem that hearing is believing.