Exploring Ghosts and Myths in South Africa

If you are ever traveling throughout South Africa, you will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of tours, which deal with the mysterious and weird occurrences throughout the country. This includes adventures exploring the paranormal, hidden treasure, ghosts, myths, legends, flying saucers, as well as witchcraft. Strange but true stories, as well as occult crimes are also a part of the tour as well.


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When you reach TibbieVisserlaan 13, Estoire in Bloamfontein, you will encounter a female ghost who watches over children and who will also call out your name. A male ghost, who creates several haunting experiences, such as the unexplained slamming of windows, also accompanies her. In Kempton Park, there is the Avion Park Recreation Center, where the ghost of a young man was struck by lightning while playing the game. He can be seen roaming about the adjacent buildings and corridors, even sometimes playing music.


The Simon’s Town Museum can be located in Simonstown, which is housed within the old Residency. There is a painting that many claim to be haunted. Tourists have taken a photo of this painting and have later found that the pictures will not develop. The basement of the museum features a cell that was used for punishment. Slaves and prisoners have met a gruesome time within this area. The ceiling also reveals horrific whiplash marks. Some say that the cries of former prisoners can be heard echoing throughout the basement. This town and museum also hold numerous interesting tales.


Throughout Cape Town, South Africa, there is a Cape Town Castle, which has a deep history. Built during the 1600s, it was to serve the purpose of protection against invaders. This was also the site of torture and imprisonment for numerous traitors and slaves. Today, you can visit the castle and enjoy a museum that is open to the public. There is a part of the site that contains a tiny cell, which was used as a method of torture. Dubbed “The Hole,” prisoners were taken into this room that was void of all sunlight. Screams of terror can be heard within this area.

Cape Town is also home to the Mine Quarry, where many have felt a sinister presence, as well as heard the sounds of threatening voices. The area is filled with unspeakable smells that make you sick. You will be surrounded by voices, scents and eerie feelings when you enter the quarry.

In Witbank, when you hit Celia Str 1, you will find a house here where a woman died. She is said to haunt the house, but that is not the least of it. She murdered her three children, as well as her husband. The story goes that her ghostly presence wreaks havoc on the house because she does not want anyone to set free the souls of her husband and their children.