Exploring Haunted Oregon

The next time you make a stop in Oregon, don’t forget to check out the haunted locations scattered about the state, including the Carnegie Library in Union, as well as Veneta’s Death Hill.

There most be something about places named Wolf Creek that brings about scary tales and interesting paranormal sightings. In Oregon, there is the Wolf Creek Inn situated in the city with the same name. It is here that a beautiful Victorian inn was established during the late 1800s, which has produced the apparition of a vampire-like creature that is seen with blood about the mouth. Not only did the owner catch sight of this vision, but also workers and guests. Those who have also traveled on some of the older country freeways have also caught a glimpse of the creature.

There is one tale that actually made headlines on a national basis. Two hikers were exploring the region when they saw a vampire in the same woods. Later that night, one of the hikers was bite on the neck while they were in bed. Odd marks that they had no clue where they came from were suspected to come from the thing they witnessed in the woods.

In Umatilla, head for Echo and you will not only find a Wal-Mart with its very own ghost, but also the entire town is a bit eerie, as some folks have stated. Death Hill in Veneta is believed the site where the ghosts of lost loggers roam after they lost their lives in the vicinity.

The Carnegie Library in Union is home to a storage room located in the basement that was never quite completely finished. Sometimes, you can hear odd sounds in the vicinity, as well as feel as if someone is around you when no one is to be seen. Additionally, as you visit the main library situated upstairs, you are greeted by odd feelings. Behind you, a large portrait is positioned and it seems to always follow you wherever you go.

At the Skerjanec Ranch in Vale, there is a man that has been sighted sitting on the same old stump or sometimes walking about the area. Sometimes, the sound of an electric keyboard is heard throughout the night. The shop is also the site where a green mist has been known to appear. Sometimes, you can catch the sound of disturbing thumbs in the room. When you go to investigate, there is nothing to detect.

A trip to Warrenton brings you to the Stevens State Park, where Battery Russell offers a bike path that is haunted by a man in his 20s, who has been seen carrying around a flashlight that he using to pinpoint the whereabouts of enemy soldiers. Throughout the Battery, numerous ghost tales have been told of the area, including dark nooks and crannies found near the hillside. Cold spots are also detected everywhere. Some people have reported the sight of weird images that seem to be holding a large knife. While the night is eerie, the daytime is said to be just as creepy.