Exploring Haunted Tales of Chaminade University in Honolulu

Chaminade University is located in Waialae, Honolulu, which offers a lovely view of the state of Hawaii. With palm trees swaying in the wind and beautiful greenery surrounded by the lull of shimmering waters, it is here that a wealth of odd happenings and eerie ghost tales unfold. In this article, we will deal with some of the oddities associated with the University, such as the ghost that appears on Halloween.


Years ago, a sophomore attending the University was involved in a car accident and lost her life. To this day, the nighttime brings noises and rumor has it that it is the sound of the student that died that travels about a dorm room on a phantom skateboard. It is said that the ghost most certainly appear and is heard on Halloween, which is believed to be his favorite time of the year.


In the Hale Hoaloka dorm, there is a wide-range of odd events known to take place. For starters, the voices of two young kids are often heard and many swear that it sounds like they are playing some sort of game that involves a ball. There have also been numerous reports regarding the opening of doors that have been dead-bolted. Some people swear they have also spotted ghosts about their rooms. There are also complaints that noise surface in the dead center of the night.


In Hale Lokelani, Room 208 holds a tale of its own. It all begins with the outline of a crucifix that once hung from the wall, but still remains after it has been removed. The tale surrounding the room centers on a supposed exorcism that was to have taken place in the room. Other stories tell that a suicide was committed within the four walls. While the walls once showcased speakers, the sound of radio static is sometimes heard, despite the fact that all of the wires have been removed.


Some students who have called Room 208 their temporary domain have complained that during the night, they have awaken to the feeling that someone was pushing all about their body and that they feared they were being choked in their sleep. Many believe that the room possesses ill will because unknown events may have taken place when the dorm served as a hospital for children during the Second World War.


Another room in Hale Lokelani that is known for its strange tales is Room 319, which once held the bodies of dead soldiers from World War II. A variety of witnesses have claimed to see the ghosts of former soldiers, especially in regards to Room 319.


When the students of Chaminade University wish to seek out a nice place to do a bit of shopping, there is the Kahala Mall, which is also situated in Waialae. Outside of the campus, there are additional scary happenings to consider. At the mall, a ghost is known to play tricks on security guards and visitors. The Waialae Drive-In located at the mall is said to be the stomping ground for the ghost of a woman who seems to call the restroom at the multi-plex her home in the afterlife. It is believed that building the mall and movie area on top of a cemetery had a little something to do with the haunting.