Exploring the Scary Cemeteries in Oregon

As if cemeteries aren’t scary enough without the addition of hometown legends, stories, and tales. In this article, you will encounter some of the eerie occurrences said to take place in local cemeteries scattered about the state of Oregon, including what is now known as ‘Pioneer Park.’

Kinder Cemetery , St Helens

If you travel to the north side of Highway 30, you will come across an old cemetery that is supposedly home to the spirit of a man called George. Head for the most northwestern corner of the graveyard to seek out this ghost who has been known to create significant drops in the surrounding temperature when he is upset. If he is pushed to his limits, reports suggest that he will push and slap at those who have vexed him.

Columbian Cemetery , Portland

This space was formally called ‘Love Cemetery’ and ‘Columbia Cemetery.’ Here, witnesses claim to have encountered a ghost called ‘Lydia,’ who has been spotted by more than a couple of people.

Pioneer Park , Pendleton

Before this site was a park, it used to serve as an old cemetery. If you seek out the right spots , there are still a couple of graves still on the premises. When visiting the park, some people claim to encounter an ‘eerie’ feeling as if someone is watching over them when no one is looking. Sometimes, a cold breeze is felt in the vicinity even through the weather is not windy.

Pilot Butte Cemetery , Bend

Looking forward to spying a blur orb? It seems that this site is the place to seek out when you’re looking for this sort of paranormal activity.

Lafayette Cemetery , Lafayette

There is supposedly a grave belonging to a witch that was hung in town. Before she was killed, she is said to have placed a curse on the town and vowed that it would burn to the ground a total of three times. Interestingly, the town has suffered two major fires ever since. It is believed that if you visit the grave during the nighttime, you can catch sight of the ghost standing in one spot or roaming about the cemetery. A handful of people have reported that a witch chased them, and some will show scars on their back as proof that it really did happen. Some people have shown marks that looked as if a razor blade tore down the center of their back. In order to get the real scoop, it is suggested to ask a few people who live in the town.

Linkville Cemetery , Klamath Falls

When paying a visit to this grave, you will encounter a space that is more than 150 years old. Legend has it that there is a grave that glows a bright shade of green whenever a full moon strikes. Other reports suggest that odd noises and strange lights have also taken place here.