Family Flees Demon Possessed Home

A family is in chaos tonight after fleeing their home due to a harrowing encounter with the other side.  The House on Hollyhill on the north side of Cork in Ireland is supposedly haunted by a mysterious force that has been causing disruptions and terrorizing the house’s occupants.  Exorcists have been called up to cleanse the house of the demonic and as of yet unknown presence.

Ritchie and Laura Burke are still recovering alongside their son Kyle as a series of incidents have left them essentially homeless.  the house they were occupying, they say, was overrun by an evil spirit who would visit bizarre curses on the occupants of the house since shortly after they moved in last August.

Everything started off slow, with holy pictures and icons being knocked from shelves and walls, screams in the house being heard in the middle of the night, and their son being lifted off the bed by an invisible force and hurled to the floor in his sleep.  Most incredibly, the family reports they have seen several glowing orbs floating through the house in mid-air moving from room to room.

The family believes fervently that the spirit occupying the house is evil, and they do not know what they will do.  When they tried praying in the house for the spirit to leave, all they could hear the whole time was furniture being moved about the house upstairs and clothes being shot from the dressers upstairs into the room.  Despite their pleas for help, locals from the area say they don’t recall any tragic events directly related to the house, and say the events they describe were never described by previous witnesses.

Mediums say they received a strong impression of a young man hanging himself in  the house, and it is his energy that is currently affecting the lives of those in the household.  John O’Reilly is a medium who was called in to the troubled location, and immediately upon setting foot in the location he said he felt something very strong, saying “There is someone here… Someone who is very angry.”

Demonic possession of homes is something that is traditionally dealt with by priests in the Catholic church, but there have been several different avenues of treatment of a demonically possessed home met with varying success by these as well as other means.  A few months ago a family reported that hundreds, and eventually thousands of fires had been started in their home by a mysterious entity that even boiled the water in the fish tank killing the family’s pet turtle and eventually smashing the case.  Later, the son of the family took responsibility for setting a few of the fires, adding to the controversy of the case, but the family still maintains that the majority of the fires have been started by an unseen supernatural force.

In earlier times, this sort of case was attributed to poltergeist activity, but with the changing views of the paranormal these cases are now commonly attributed to demonic possession even if the houses themselves are not necessarily claiming a demonic background.  It’s interesting that this case in particular, however, has been targeting religious iconography in its rampage, but without direct contact between the alleged entity itself and those investigating, it’s hard to pinpoint its true origins.