Family Home to be Exorcized a Second Time

Generally we think of exorcisms as a cleansing ritual to rid a location of the negative energies therein – completely clearing out any paranormal activity that could reside there.  Exorcisms are a remedy to an unusual problem: an unwanted spiritual presence.  And in a time when the paranormal seems to be on the rise, exorcisms have likewise seen increased use.  But one family in the UK had their house exorcized only to find it had little effect on the mysterious presence in their home – and went back for a second try.

The mother Vicky and her two daughters sought a spiritual answer to the mysterious occurrences going on in their home, and when she found there was nothing to be done about the strange sounds except contact a higher authority, she sought one for peace of mind.  The family’s surprise was unparalleled when after the occurrences died down they only returned days later in full force.  Nothing had changed.  Not about to take no for an answer from the other side, Vicky sought a second opinion, and a second exorcism from the local King’s Park Church by an exorcist veteran by the name of Mack.

The families disturbances included full form apparitions appearing in the home unexpectedly and photographs suddenly manifesting unusual images including orbs and other unexplained distortions.  The ghosts they described included a man in a black suit and a woman who looked to be wearing a flowing white nightgown who first started appearing two years prior.  And now Vicky is at her wit’s end, unsure what options remain if this latest exorcism doesn’t work.

Exorcisms, while generally accepted as a reliable method of interrupting the cycle of paranormal presences, have been known to occasionally fail for a number of suspected reasons.  Because of their nature, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what might go wrong, but the testimony of experts over the years has pointed to any one of several different factors.  First, it may be due to the unusual nature of the spirit itself.  Multiple attempts to have the iconic Amityville house exorcised, for example, were said to have met with failure – generally attributed to the entity itself.  Other problems may arise during the actual exorcism itself, with some entities responding more readily to some personalities and spiritual practices than others.  Or it may simply have failed to take hold in that particular case for no easily identifiable reason – like an old engine failing to turn over.  Regardless of the cause, multiple exorcisms may be called for or even a variation on the exorcism or the exorcists involved.

But who are these two mysterious figures haunting this small home that have required two visits by a local expert?  Perhaps their presence begs simply for their story to be told.  Maybe they just want to be remembered.  Perhaps simply by recognizing them, the family has gone a long way toward guiding them along to the other side – and gaining themselves some peace of mind.