Family Receives Mystery Emails from Deceased

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Death is one of those things that’s rarely easy to deal with, but one mystery seems determined to prolong the confusion surrounding a family death for the bereaved in the UK.  For months now they have been receiving unexplained emails from an impossible source.  Jack Froese died of an unexpected heart arrhythmia at the age of 32.  Since then he has been sending specific emails to his family describing events that didn’t happen until after his death.  Almost as amazing is how they have reacted to the event.

When Jack Froese died in June of 2011, his friends and family knew it would require a great deal of adjusting.  But when they then started receiving unexplained emails from his personal accounts, they weren’t sure if it was real or some sort of prank.  Several of the messages were regarding things Froese and friends had discussed privately shortly before his death – things no one else knew about.  And if he’s sending the messages somehow from beyond the grave, it’s not the first time something like this has been recorded.  After all, there have been reports of unexplained calls from beyond the grave, why not emails?

An eerie and similar story from 2008 showed that just after a Metrolink crash on the 12th of September, a series of phone calls were made by Chuck Peck to family members.  As the phone calls were sent, the family reported that they were from Chuck’s phone – someone who had been buried in the wreckage of the crash.  After a few minutes of listening, all they could hear was static.  Convinced that Peck was on the other end of the phone and could hear them, they all tried to reassure him that they would find him soon and he would be okay.  Sadly he was found later and the coroner reported that he had died instantly, and there was no real possibility that he had survived the crash for even a short period of time.  The only question remaining was, who was making the phone calls?  Chuck was found with his phone.

These stories are always chilling, but there is another emotion being felt by the family of Jack Froese that may seem both hopeful and unexpected.  Rather than being frightened or troubled by the messages they have been receiving from Froese, they are accepting it as a very hopeful and positive development, as a sign that Jack is alright.

But the messages themselves may be hopeful for the family even if they may be a bit odd to outsiders reading them.  One message to a friend Tim Hart was titled, “I’m Watching” and contained the message, “Did you hear me?  I’m at your house.  Clean your ******* attic!!!”  The odd message was believed to be a reference to an earlier conversation that Hart had shared with Froese just before his death.  Another message directed at Jimmy McGraw held some kind words about an ankle injury the cousin had suffered after Froese had passed on.

Regardless of whether the messages are a carefully crafted hoax or not, the family’s reaction shows that there are few things more unexplainable than the mysterious power of love that holds family and friends together, perhaps in this case, even after death.