Fort Knox Ghost Investigation Strikes Gold

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It’s often been said that Fort Knox must surely be one of the most secure places on Earth.  It’s often said that not even a mouse can get through the locked down fortress when the doors close and the public is no longer let inside.  But some people say the tourists and the workers there are not the only ones inhabiting this mysterious compound.  And when one ghost hunting crew stopped in for an investigation they found the place to be quite haunted.

There’s no shortage of urban legends and rumors surrounding Fort Knox.  Some have said a complex series of tunnels exist beneath its steel enclosures while others suggest the strange goings on are the real reason behind its tight security as something is hidden within it that can never be allowed to see the light of day.  But when the Ghost Trackers of Bangor searched the pristine location in search of signs of the paranormal they were astonished to discover that gold is not the only thing hidden behind these walls.  In fact, as they looked deeper they found a mystery that may outweigh all others residing still within the locked fortress.

The boullion depository in Fort Knox’s vault may be one of the richest stores of treasure in the west, but little could compare to the wealth of information gathered regarding the paranormal investigations that have taken place there.  When the Ghost Trackers first entered they found themselves standing in the presence of an unexplainable force.  As they continued filming they found the strange entity actually appeared on film and moved across the camera’s field of vision to the other side.  Was it mere coincidence?  Or could there have been something following them, still following orders not to allow any unauthorized personnel into the vicinity.

But whose ghost could it be?  Some have speculated it was General George S. Patton.  Fort Knox currently is host to the most Patton artifacts in the base’s personal General Patton Museum.  Of course others, including the ghost hunters have speculated that the real ghost may be the now deceased Sgt. Leopold Hegyi who served there for fifteen years.

Regardless, the idea of a ghostly presence on the base was enough to make planners take advantage and start rolling out the welcome wagon for investigators.  Rather than covering it up, in 2010 they hosted a Halloween styled exhibit to capitalize on the rumors of the haunted areas of Fort Knox.

So what’s the answer to this compelling mystery?  Without a doubt it will remain under lock and key, but not because of any cover-up.  The fort’s assets are simply too valuable for a long-term thorough investigation.  And in the mean time, Fort Knox may decide to host another haunted exhibit at some time in the future.

And in the meantime we can only ask ourselves who this place meant so much to that their spirit is bound to reside here for all eternity or until they find safe passage to the other side.