‘Ghost Adventures’ A Sampling of Episodes

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‘Ghost Adventures’ is a paranormal investigation TV show that chronicles the explorations of crew members that would like to find and present spirits, ghosts and other paranormal activity. The show has delivered many seasons ”“ from tracking down historic ghosts to experiences their own possessions. In this article, you will get an idea of the kinds of adventures the crew embarks on during every episode.

Season 1 Highlights (2008)

”Episode 1 ”“ Bobby Mackey Music World (Wilder, Kentucky) ”“ the crew investigates the sinister past of the attraction.
”Episode 2 ”“ Edinburgh Vaults (Edinburgh, Scotland) ”“ an exploration of the vaults located under South Bridge in Edinburg takes place as the crew tracks down a dark past.
”The first season also touched upon the Moundsville Penitentiary in West Virginia; a former psychiatric hospital in Northern, New Jersey;  and the Riddle House in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Season 2 Highlights (2009)

”Episode 9 ”“ Preston Castle (Ione, California) ”“ the premiere of the second season brings the crew to a former reform school, which is home to an unsolved murder.
”Episode 10 ”“ Castillo de San Marcos (St. Augustine, Florida) ”“ in search of ghosts, the crew visits a Spanish fort that dates back to the 17th century.
” Episode 12 ”“ Magnolia Lane Plantation (Natchitoches, Louisiana) ”“ Rumors of slaves using voodoo rituals to exact their revenge on their owners is investigated.
”Episode 15 ”“ Moon River Brewing Company (Savannah, Georgia) ”“ The crew visit what is supposedly one of the most haunted cities in the United States to investigate paranormal activity claims.

Season 3 Highlights (2009 – 2010)

”Episode 17 ”“ Ghost Adventures Live ”“ The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum (Weston, West Virginia) ”“ The crew is locked inside the former psychiatric hospital for seven hours, where they see what happens inside what is called one of the most haunted sites in the country.
”Episode 19 ”“ Poveglia Island ”“ (Venice, Italy) ”“ The crew encounters the small island of Poveglia, which is a site of reported paranormal activity.
”Episode 20 – Ohio State Reformatory (Mansfield, Ohio) ”“ The crew investigates a reformatory that was open for nearly 100 years and has been the home of more than 155,000 criminals.
”Episode 24 ”“ Execution Rocks Lighthouse (Port Washington, New York) ”“ With a history of murder, fires, and shipwrecks, the crew visits Long Island Sound in NY to explore a deserted lighthouse.

Season 4 Highlights  (2010 -2011)

” Episode 27 ”“ Gettysburg Orphanage/Jennie Wade House/Engine House (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) ”“ The crew gets involved in three different locations where lock-downs occur. The first is at the Soldiers National Museum, which once served as an orphanage during the American Civil War times. Children had made claims that they suffered abuse at the hands of a matron. The second location was the Jennie Wade House ”“ named after the only civilian to die in town. She died in her kitchen with a stray Confederate bullet entered her home. The last location was the Engine House, where the first battle of Gettysburg took place.
”Episode 30 – Waverly Hills Sanitarium (Louisville, Kentucky) ”“ the crew heads to a sanatorium, which was a former hospital for tuberculosis patients during the early 1900s. At one time, it was home to thousands of patients.
”Episode 31 ”“ Stanley Hotel (Estes Park, Colorado) ”“ the investigation of the hotel that inspired Stephen King to write his novel, ‘The Shining’ (which starred a crazed Jack Nicholson).