‘Ghost Adventures’ ”“ Meet the Investigators

Although ‘Ghost Adventures’ may highlight special guests, celebrities, and other professionals in the world of paranormal study, episodes always concentrate on the investigations of Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin. It is their responsibility to interview the locals, communicate with special guests, provide historical information about a location, as well as present any details regarding a paranormal experience.

The ‘Ghost Adventures’ Investigators

Zak Bagans

Bagans is the executive producer and editor of ‘Ghost Adventures.’ Before he started filming the show, he earned a degree from the Motion Picture Institute in Michigan. He worked as a documentarian and wedding DJ before meeting up with the men that would later become part of his ghost hunting crew. Bagans was not always a believer in paranormal events, but his belief in an encounter with the spirit of a suicidal woman changed his life forever. He believes that the spirit haunted an apartment building in Michigan that he once lived in. Some have described Bagan’s investigation methods as being “aggressive and confrontational,” but he responds by saying that he attempts to provoke evil entities in order to receive a response.

Nick Groff

Groff is the executive producer, editor and cameraman for the show in addition to investigating sites with Bagans. He attributes what he believes to being possessed by an entity while visiting the Moon River Brewing Company in Georgia as one of his most life-changing experiences. He also notes that a face to face encounter with a female spirit at the Linda Vista Community Hospital in California also deeply touched him. Afterwards, he decided that researching the topic of life after death was of importance to him. He is attracted to the ‘other side’ and would like to expand upon the concept that ‘energy doesn’t die.’

Aaron Goodwin

Goodwin is the equipment technician and camera operator for the show, but before that ”“ he was a camera operator for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Before joining the paranormal investigation team, he hadn’t really considered the possibility of ghosts really existing. He has exclaimed that his experiences with the show have completely changed his outlook on the topic and that he believes more than 100%. Oftentimes, Goodwin is left alone in hotspots during lockdowns to serve as a kind of ‘bait.’

Guests on the Show

The investigators of ‘Ghost Adventures’ may incorporate special guests into the shows. They range from personalities within the paranormal community to various celebrities. Some of the guests that have made an appearance on the TV show include:

”¢    Mark and Debby Constantino ”“ EVP Experts and analysts
”¢    Bill Chappell ”“ Paranormal Engineer and Skeptic that appeared on the Stanley Hotel episode
”¢    Group member Max from the Beverly High School Paranormal Club, who was featured in the Salem Witch House episode
”¢    SHOCK Paranormal ”“a Paranormal Investigating Group that helped with the Rocky Point Manor episode. They offered information on the manor and Perryville Battlefield to the crew.
”¢    Liz Nowicki ”“ a psychic associated with the Lizzie Borden House episode
”¢    Eleanor Thibault ”“ a Lizzie Borden House tour guide
”¢    Thomas Noel ”“ a PhD and history professor at the University of Denver, who provided information on the Peaboby-Whitehead Mansion