Ghost and Paranormal Movie Trivia &Facts , “The Grudge” (2004) Part II

It only took the Monday after the first weekend box office results proved the movie a surprise hit at the theaters that the sequel for the film received a green light. That’s only three days! With more than $39 million under its belt, “The Grudge” attracted quite a following. In this article, you will learn more trivia and facts concerning both “The Grudge” and its sequel “The Grudge 2.”

While the character or Toshio is usually portrayed as being around his cat, the real life actor who played the boy was scared of felines.

Before filming of the movie started, the cast and crew underwent a ceremony where they received a blessing that nothing evil would take place during their stay.

At the end of the film, viewers see the character of Kayako coming down the stairs in what seemed like an odd approach. However, the actress, Takako Fuji actually moves in this manner in real life and is not the effect of a trick photography or any digital enhancements.

Instead of seeing Sarah Michelle Gellar take on the title role, you may have seen Selma Blair of “Cruel Intentions” fame, who was actually the first choice for the lead.

The man who played Matthew Williams in the film was William Mapother, who is the cousin of Tom Cruise.

Interestingly, the odd popping sounds that are heard when the female ghost makes an appearance was actually created by using a hair comb.

Taglines for the movie include “It never forgives. It never forgets;” “Once you see it, you can never forget. Once it sees you, you can never escape;” “The whole time I was in that house, I knew something was wrong;” “They say that when someone dies in a powerful rage. A curse is made;” “Do you have a grudge;” and “The curse is about to claim another victim.” In Japan, the tagline was “Even if you die, you can never escape.”

The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films nominated the film for a Saturn Award for Best Horror Film. At the BMI Film & TV Awards, Christopher Young won a BMI Film Music Award for “The Grudge.” At the MTV Movie Awards, Sarah Michelle Gellar was nominated for an MTV Movie Award for Best Frightened Performance. At the Sitges – Catalonian International Film Festival, Takashi Shimizu was nominated for Best Film.

In 2006, “The Grudge 2” was released, accompanied by the following taglines: “What Was Once Trapped, Will Now Be Unleashed” and “What Began With One….Will End With Many.” Sarah Michelle Galler reprised her role as Karen Davis, but the film focuses on her sister, Aubrey (played by Amber Tamblyn). Jennifer Beals of “Flashdance” fame plays Trish in the movie.

While “The Grudge 2” did not win any awards, it did receive nominations at the Teen Choice Awards, including Choice Movie Actress in an Horror/Thriller (Amber Tamblyn) and Choice Movie Scream (Arielle Kebbel).