Ghost Dance, Ghost Protection & Ghost Hounds

When it comes to the world of ghosts, there are many terms that are associated with these fascinating presences. Some you may be familiar with, while others may be new to you. In this article, some of the topics mentioned are the ghost dance, ghost hounds, as well as some forms of ghost protection. 


Ghost Dance


In regards to Native American Indians, there was a dance practiced amongst them called the Ghost Dance. This is when participants attempted to make contact with ghosts while they were in a trance. This dance was brought upon an ill man named Paiute Wovoka, who fell into a trance in hopes of sighting the Great Spirit. When he saw the Great Spirit, he learned this particular dance ceremony, which would bring those closer to the dead.


Ghost Protection


There are many items that a person will turn to in order to protect themselves from evil and ghosts. Those seeking protection against ghosts often wear chalcedony and obsidian. Various metals, such as silver offer protection as well. It is said that when salt is carried inside of a pocket, ghosts will not come close.


Iron plays an important role in protection. When a person wishes to halt the rising of a ghost from the ground, an iron should be pressed on the grave. Some people believe that putting an iron horseshoe above the entrance of a building will keep ghosts away. It is said that they will not be able to enter the area. If the iron nails of a tomb are removed, placing them in a doorway can prevent nightmares.


When an individual passes away while at home, some believe that the windows, doors, as well as cupboards should be unlocked so that the spirit of the deceased will be able to leave the home and not become trapped inside. When removing the deceased body, it should be carried with the feet leaving first, so that the ghost of the corpse will not be able reenter. When the funeral is in session, some will move pieces of furniture out of place, in the event that a ghost returns to their old house, they will not recognize it and will leave. Another way to protect oneself from a ghost, it to also make sure that no bad words are said of the dead or ghosts. It is often said that these ill words encourage ghosts to haunt.


Ghost Hounds


Ghost hounds is the term used to describe a pack of dog spirits. Legends of these dogs are mostly told throughout parts of Europe. The ghost hounds or dogs are said to represent the presence, as well as omen of death. Fear settles in the hearts of those who believe to have heard the howling of these hounds. The most notorious of these packs can be found wandering about Cornwell, which have been dubbed the “Devils Dandy Dogs.”


Some say these dogs can be seen snorting fire, while others believe that they terrorize neighborhoods with the threat of tearing and shredding bodies to pieces.