Ghost-Hunting in California Cemeteries 2

California is known for the flashing lights of cameras and the allure of spotting someone famous. But, what happens when that someone famous happens to no longer be among the living. For example, the Westwood Memorial Cemetery has a rather notable resident said to dwell on the premises  , the ghost of Marilyn Monroe , who has been reportedly seen hovering over her gravesite.

Westwood Memorial Cemetery , Westwood

If you’re looking to get closer to the ghost of the infamous Marilyn Monroe, perhaps a trip to this cemetery will place you closer to her spirit. Her ghost is said to hover close to her final resting place.

Yorba Family Cemetery , Yorba Linda

No one really knows the true origin of the ‘Pink Lady’ , a ghost with a reputation of appearing every other year on the night of June 15. It’s an unadvertised local event to keep an eye out for the ghost on this date. The story behind her death involves a tale that starts on prom night, where a young girl and her boyfriend were on their way to the dance. When they reached Orangethorpe Street, her boyfriend pushed her out of their carriage where she fell onto the train tracks. She ultimately lost her life to an oncoming train. The reason why the ghost has been nicknamed the ‘Pink Lady’ is because the girl was wearing a pink dress on the night of her prom. Additional details about the girl and the incident can be found by searching newspaper archive at the library in Yorba Linda.

Holy Sepulcher Cemetery , Orange County

The spirit or ghost of a woman dressed in white reportedly wanders about the Holy Sepulcher Cemetery, where she usually finds one place to settle. At all hours of the night, the burning of a candle has been attributed to her presence with a flame that remains even if it is windy outside. Sometimes, the flame will change shapes and colors, as if it isn’t really flickering, but has the ability to transform. Some people have described the candle as producing circles of light to half circles to the shape of tears.

Spadra Cemetery , Pomona

While this cemetery is no longer open to the public, you won’t be able to explore the paranormal activity reported to take place. Since a great deal of vandalism has occurred on the grounds, the police are called whenever intruders are sighted. Dating back to the mid-1800s, the original graveyard was called the Old Settler’s Cemetery. Some odd happenings associated with the cemetery include the sight of a male figure that walks throughout the small cemetery and vanishes into a headstone. Respectful visitors are left alone, but the unruly are greeted by a hot wind that seems to materialize out of thin air. The wind only picks up inside the cemetery.