Ghost-Hunting in California Cemeteries 4

If hearing odd noises and seeing dark shadows in the background, then visiting the Lone Tree Cemetery in Hayward won’t scare you a bit. The Evergreen Cemetery in Los Angeles is another place in California that has a reputation for strange happenings taking place. In this article, you will also learn about resident ghosts and other paranormal activity associated with the Dunlap Cemetery, Cherokee Cemetery, and Agua Mansa Cemetery.

Lone Tree Cemetery , Hayward

Peeking out of the bushes, unexplainable faces have been reported to haunt the Lone Tree Cemetery , along with odd noises being heard inside the grounds. Throughout the main cemetery, you may encounter thumping sounds and whispers in the wind. Bells have been known to eerily chime, as well as lights flash for no reason. Dark shadows appear in the distance and a couple of orbs have been detected without the help of a camera.

Evergreen Cemetery , Los Angeles

In the eastern part of Los Angeles, you will find the Evergreen Cemetery, where visitors claim to have encountered odd things moving around at nighttime, as well as strange voices. Across from the cemetery, an apartment stands, where odd happenings have been known to occur, such as moving chairs, and electronics that turn on by themselves.

Dunlap Cemetery , Dunlap

When visiting some of the unmarked graves, you may encounter cold spots and shadowy figures hiding behind the trees at the Dunlap Cemetery. Some visitors have reported experiencing the sounds of unexplainable footsteps. With a tape recorder, the odd voice of an old man surfaced in a recording, where witnesses believe they heard him say ‘leave us alone.’

Cherokee Cemetery , Cherokee

The cemetery is located across the street from the site with a gruesome past. In the 1800s, the town sweetheart was killed and her murderer was burned alive in his home. It is said that if you pay a visit to the cemetery in the evening, you can hear stomping sounds. On the premises, there is a grave of a child that died on the same day as his father. Legend has it, if you lay flowers on his tombstone, he will come thank you for your gesture in the evening.

Agua Mansa Cemetery , San Bernardino

The entire stretch of road that leads visitors to the Agua Mansa Cemetery is believed the stomping grounds of ghosts and poltergeists, including a lovely lady who took the lives of her six children by drowning them. Known as La Llorona (which translates into the Weeping Woman), Latino legend states that she is doomed to wander the streets to search for her children. The area also has a reputation for seeing many unexplained car crashes that have taken many lives. A pair of ghosts who were murdered in their former lives is believed to haunt the road as well.