Ghost-Hunting in California Cemeteries 5

For the paranormal enthusiast who appreciates not letting go of the dead, perhaps a trip to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood would pique your interest. It is here that you may catch sight of a devoted former lover or fan of Valentino. Other haunted cemetery locations in California you will find in this article include Imperial, Hemet, San Diego, Bloomington, and Beaumont.

Imperial Historic Cemetery , Imperial

Visiting the Imperial Historic Cemetery at night may cause you to feel as if someone is watching your every move. Upon entering the grounds, you’ll probably notice slightly colder surroundings with odd warm and cold spots scattered about the graveyard. When taking photos in the cemetery, weird lights have appeared in the printed results. Other odd occurrences reported to take place on the premises, include strange lights, creepy mist, malfunctioning electronics, and the sighting of shadows that resemble hooding figures.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery , Hollywood

If you’re attracted to the old stars of the silver screen, then the Hollywood Forever Cemetery is the perfect place to hunt for famous ghosts. For example, one of the most known ghosts sighted on the premises is dubbed the ‘Lady in Black.’ She is believed to visit the dashing actor of the silent 20’s era, Valentino, and place two long-stemmed red roses at his gravesite. She appears at the mausoleum at night and is said to make herself known every night.

Santa Fe Menlo Cemetery , Hemet

The  Santa Fe Menlo Cemetery in Hemet is said to deliver an experience of odd lights and weird electrical sensations to some visitors of the graveyard.

Point Loma National Cemetery , San Diego

Located north of San Diego, you will find the Point Loma National Cemetery, which has a reputation for letting Marines cut loose while enjoying a little off time. Some visitors have reported sighting spirits rise form their graves to take a look at the Pacific Ocean from the nearby cliffs. The cemetery also serves as the final resting place of thousands of buried Marines who lost their lives while in battle during World War II.

Sunnyslope Cemetery , Beaumont

When paying a visit to the Sunnyslope Cemetery in Beaumont, you may not only encounter cold spots, noises, and strange feelings, but some visitors have reported being touched by a hand while walking through the graveyard. Not many people are seen visiting the graves at the cemetery and more than one report has surfaced regarding a groundskeeper who often disappears into a shed. Some witnesses have stepped inside the shed to learn that no one was inside. At night, people are encouraged to visit the cemetery with a group.

Green Acres Cemetery , Bloomington

Every Halloween, the Green Acres Cemetery is at the center of reports that blood appears on the table located between the three marble chairs situated in the southeastern section of the graveyard.