Ghost Hunting in the Windy City

The next time you visit Chicago, there are plenty of things to do and see while touring the area. Within this city, you will find the Sears Tower, Navy Pier, as well as the location where the Oprah Winfrey Show is taped. After you have exhausted all of the interesting sites of the living, there are various places throughout Chicago that bring you closer to the dead.


Archer Woods Cemetery is a good place to start when looking for ghosts because the gates are never locked at this location. Upon entering the cemetery, you will find a path, which leads you about a circle. Following this path, you may encounter what is described as a “white filmy form” that can be spotting floating around the trees close to the cemetery’s exit gates. She has been dubbed the “sobbing woman” because of her sobs and other sorrowful sounds. It is said that you will only see her when you leave the cemetery and never when you first enter.


Another cemetery that has gained acclaim over the years is Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, which is home to a variety of unexplainable glowing lights, phantom cars, as well as more than 100 ghosts. The cemetery was even visited by the Ghost Research Society, where they claimed to see a transparent image of a woman dressed in period clothing. A photograph of her captured her existence and has been used to back the belief that ghosts exist.


One of the oldest cemeteries that can be found in Chicago is called Graceland Cemetery, where numerous hauntings have been reported at this graveyard. One of the most well known is the ghost of Inez Clark, who lost her life to a bolt of lightning just before she turned 7 years old. In her memory, her grieving parents erected a life-size statue at her gravesite. The statue is encased in glass in order to keep rain and wind from damaging it. It is said that during thunderstorms, the statue cannot be seen in its case and a young girl can be spotted wandering about the cemetery.


In Chicago, there are a few castles that offer quite a scare, including Monks Castle, where a religious order tries everything in their power to keep you away. It is said that if you step foot on their land, you will be chased. During the mid-80s, a group of children snuck onto the grounds at night and caught sight of something stirring in the woods. They described the sight of glowing red eyes and once it was spotted, it started to chase them. The children made it across the gate, but it is said that as one of the girls sat on the curb to rest, a monk snatched her up and she was never recovered.


On the south side of Chicago, tucked away in a small town called Beverly, there is the Givens Castle. It was built for the wife of an Irishman, who still lived in Ireland. Before she got a chance to live in it, she died. Many believe that her ghost can be encountered here, roaming about the hill that can be found close to the castle door.


Other haunted places that you may want to check out include:


Biograph Theater: The ghost of John Dillinger has been spotted in the alley located behind the building.


The Dome Room: Haunted nightclub


Harpo, Inc.: Supposedly haunted by the deceased of the Great Chicago Fire.


Jane Addams Hull House: Supposedly the home of a devil baby, as well as the site of numerous ghost sightings.


O’Hare Airport: Supposedly haunted by the deceased flight attendants and passengers of an American airlines flight that crashed into an airfield close to the airport.


Red Lion Pub: Odd footsteps and noises can be heard.