Ghost of 17th Century Nobleman Causing Havoc

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The ghost of a 17th century nobleman is being blamed for 20
attacks in the last month at an Edinburgh tourist attraction. Tourists visiting
the Covenanters Prison in Greyfriars Kirk have been scratched, bruised, knocked
to the ground, suffered nausea and welt marks. Sir George Mackenzie is known as
a notorious poltergeist around Edinburgh and is thought to have been lashing out
over the last month. Jan Henderson, of the City of the Dead Tour at the Kirk,
said: “I have no idea why there has been such an increase in this spate of
attacks. “All the tour guides are experiencing tourists passing out, being
scratched and bruised. I think it is great because when I started the tours I
was a cynic, so if there is something there then wonderful.” He claimed the
tourists were all falling down at the same point which shows it isn’t
psychosomatic, reports the Edinburgh Evening News.

Teenager killed by pole after visit to ‘haunted’ cemetery A New York teenager
has been killed when he stuck his head out of a car window after visiting a
cemetery that’s claimed to be haunted. Suffolk police say the car, carrying four
people, careered off the road after they had spent the night in Sweet Hollow
cemetery. The 19-year-old’s head hit a pole. Police say teenagers call the
cemetery Mount Misery because of its reputation for being haunted. “We
occasionally get calls about trespassers up there,” Sergeant Richard Auspaker

“The kids claim that it’s haunted – at least that’s the rumor going around.”
Brian Cowell, 19, was sitting in the passenger seat of a friend’s Nissan 240SX
in South Huntington. Sergeant Auspaker says the driver, 19-year-old James Doukas,
has been charged with being under the influence of drugs. No-one else was
injured in the accident, Newsday.com reports. Mr Cowell was taken by Huntington
Community Rescue ambulance to Huntington Hospital where he was pronounced dead
on arrival.