Ghost Story by Nikki

It all started a few years back , My sister was about 16 and I was 13 at the time..My sister came home one night and noticed that she had little things moved in her room like they were misplaced she really never thought anything of it but it kept happening every time she would find something out of place the ghost would move it back, my sister was so scared that she couldn’t even sleep at night her room was in the basement, she use to come up stairs and sleep with me or sleep in the living room, nobody ever believed her and what she was saying, until one night I was in her room with her and we were just talking having a good time and I picked up this drawing pad that she had hung on her wall and it said “love you Missi, from Morgan” and I was just reading it allowed to her like nothing , and she just turned and looked at me and was like what did u say and I showed her the drawing pad and shes like I don’t know a Morgan that’s when it really hit me that something was going on, Well she has a black cat which is also a very bad thing but her cat started getting very mean she would just sit there and stare off in to space and hiss at something like it was there…me being at such a young age it was so hard to understand this, my sister didn’t come home till real late one day and I went downstairs with her because she couldn’t even go by herself we would go down and get her clothes for the week , well when we got down there she has this photo frame that holds about 20 pictures and all of them were turned upside down, From that point on she wouldn’t go down anymore..my parents don’t believe in this stuff so they were very upset with her thinking she was filling my head with junk..well a few weeks passed and I started getting very sick, and unfortunately I got admitted to the hospital, the thing is someone had to be with me at all times so my mom was and my dad worked night shift so my sister was home alone , I was in the hospital for 3 weeks and they couldnt figure out why i was sick they did about every test to try and figure out what it was but they just didn’t know! I would call my sister as much as I could to see how she was but being so sick it was hard, one day while my mom was at work my sister skipped school and came to the hospital to see me she said that the night before she was laying on the couch and something just took over her body and she tried to scream but she couldn’t and it was like she was gasping for air, she said she knew it wasn’t a dream because she stayed up all night after that scared to death.

Well before she came to the hospital to see me she went to a shop and seen a lady about ghosts she told her everything that was going on and she said there was definitely a spirit in our house, and the way the stay so strong is by others energy by draining them out..which explains why I was so sick, My sister got this candle from this lady and it was suppose to make the ghost go away, my sister would go down and light it every night and one day everything just stopped, We haven’t lit the candle since and we don’t plan on it either!