Ghost Tales in the United Kingdom I

Sometimes, ghosts come back to reenact the scene of their death or a crime that eventually led to their end. Other times, the voices and cries of murder victims are believed to travel through the wind. In this article, you will encounter ghost tales of the United Kingdom that date back to around the 1700s.

The Ghost of John Spencer

A village located on the east side of the Great North Road (on the south bank of the River Ryton) called Scrooby is at the center of this story. It was here that the toll keeper and his wife were murdered in 1779 by a man named John Spencer.

John Spencer was at the house of the toll keeper (William), but he returned the next morning with a story that the couple believed. He gained entry to the home and killed them both so that he could leave with whatever money he could find. As he was dragging one of the bodies to the river, a man came by and John had to flee. However, a few days later, he was caught and executed at Nottingham Summer Assizes. His body was hung from a gibbet at the north end of the village of Scrooby. It is said that the ghost comes back to the village on occasion to reenact the crime.

The Ghost of Jonah Snell

The Potsford Gibbet is located in Potsford Wood in Letheringham. The last time the gibbet was used in Letheringham, Suffolk was on April 14, 1699, when Jonah Snell was executed for murder. The area where the gibbet was constructed was known for being a creepy place. In the middle of the night, people claimed to have felt an eerie sensation. It’s no wonder that it would also the site where a local miller (John Bullard) and his son were killed.

The woods are said to be haunted with the spirit of Jonah Snell, who may appear during the day or night. People have said that they’ve seen the twinkling of lights, which attract them away from the road to where the ghostly rotting remains of the gibbet can be seen. In the roads, some people have described a vision of a ghostly skull with hollow eyes that stares from beneath a hooded cloak. This is believed to belong to Jonah.

The Ghosts of Henry and Clara

In Derbyshire, you will find Winnats Pass, which is a narrow limestone gorge that served as the only direct route from the west of Castleton. During the 18th century, the Peak Forest was a region where any couple could come to tie the knot. Ceremonies took place day or night. One young couple (Henry and Clara) were on their way to get married via Winnats Pass in 1758.

The parents of the two lovers did not approve of their relationship, so they decided to elope and get married in secret. They traveled to their destination along Winnats Pass, but they were suddenly taken by surprise by three lead miners that jumped out of nowhere. The lovers were robbed and killed. It wasn’t until years later that their bodies were found buried together. It is said that on a rainy day where the wind howls, you can hear the lovers pleading for their lives. The miners that killed the couple were never caught, but one of the criminals confessed their wrongdoing while on his deathbed. It is said that the men met tortuous fates. One died in a rock fall. One hung himself, and the last one went insane.