Ghost Tales in the United Kingdom III

Not all ghosts are victims of a crime coming back to haunt the location of their murder, some are the tormented souls of criminals who took the life of another. In this article, you will meet some ghost tales from the United Kingdom that fit the above description, as well as a tormented soul that took her own life.
The Ghost of the Farmer

There is a junction found at the A418 and the road that leads to the village of Haddenham (close to Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire), which is the site of a haunting. The people in the area believe that a ghostly figure appears as an alert that danger is forthcoming. The ghost supposedly was once a farmer, who was killed while on his way home from Thame Market in 1828.

His wife reportedly saw his ghost as he appeared at the farmhouse door. The murder weapon was buried in his chest , a hammer. She ran to the road after seeing the sight. It was there that she found the body of her husband with wounds that matched that of the ghost.

The farmer had witnessed two men (Taylor and Sewell) stealing sheep and the thieves needed to silence the onlooker so they killed him. When the men were caught, they were publicly hanged at Aylesbury Prison on March 8, 1830. The ghost is believed to return to the location of his murder to warn people of impending danger.

The Ghost of John Naden

A gibbet was hanging close to Gun Hill until the 1880s , a method of punishment that put bodies of criminals on display. It is believed that this site located in Macclesfield, Cheshire is haunted by the ghost of John Naden. In a drunken state, John murdered the husband of a woman that requested the act. John worked for Robert Brough and after several drinks, he used a knife to take his life. Robert’s wife robbed her husband’s pockets to make it look like thieves had attacked and killed her husband.

John would have not been connected to the murder if he had remembered to remove his knife from the body. The weapon linked John to the crime, and he had no alibi to say otherwise He was hung on the gallows on Gun Hill. It is said that the ghost of John Naden will revisit the place still made out of the wood in the gallows , in a drunken state. He has been described as not being the friendliest of ghosts.

The Ghost of a Jilted Young Girl

There is a ghost tale told about the ghost of a young girl who lived in Arundel, West Sussex. The Hiorne Tower is found in Arundel Park, which is located close to the famous Arundel Castle. The triangular construction was a noted feature of the towel, which was built by an architect named Francis Hiorne, who worked for the Duke of Norfolk during the late 18th century.

It is said that a young girl was in love with an older man , having an affair with him and falling head over heels. But, the man told her their relationship was over. She was devastated by the news. She considered her life over, so she went to the tower and climbed up until she reached the top, and then jumped. Some say that you can see her ghost looking out over the park from the top of the tower in the evening time , looking for her love.