Ghostly Modes of Transportation

Ghostly vehicles can appear at the drop of a dime and disappear just as quickly. Usually when someone encounters such a mode of transportation, there appears to be no driver and is often traveling at a high speed. In this article, you will read of haunted, possessed or scary vehicles, such as cars, trucks and trains.


Often, when individuals who are driving towards one of these vehicles, have to swerve out of the way to avoid an accident. This is when tragedy may strike in the form of an accident that causes serious harm or death, when they hit another object instead, such as a pole or wall. Some of the ghostly vehicles will appear at the site where a murder or another accident has occurred. The descriptions are often the same and will occur at the same point as the last. These sorts of phantom vehicles are mostly cars and trucks, but there are other types.


A phantom vehicle is a ghost that takes the shape of human transportation. It could be a car or truck, but also a train, as well as a ship. In the case of cars and trucks, these sightings are usually reported occurring on rural back roads, carless highways, as well as dirt roads, where traffic is scarce. Most sightings have been reported to take shape during the night.


Ghostly Car Reports


A Midwest farmer reported that a phantom sedan was making rounds to their property. In Hawaii, two people claimed to have seen an odd black car appear and disappear in a matter of seconds. In 1995, witnesses claimed to have encountered a car from the 60s that was plastered with bumper stickers. Passing the car, they were shocked to see the car reappear in front of them without passing. They identified the driver as being a male teenager, who never took notice of them. In Germany, it was reported that a car started on its own and drove into a wall at full speed. Numerous sightings have been documented regarding odd car occurrences, including vanishing vehicles. Other reports deal with cars that react on their own, such as moving on their own despite having a break on, being in park mode or being completely turned off.


Ghostly Train Reports


In regards to haunted train reports, there were reports of a St Louis Ghost Train that was said to haunt the village of Saskatchewan. The funeral trains associated with President Lincoln’s death were said to be haunted by the President himself. In Stockholm, there is a subway train called the Siilverpilen, which is said to haunt the metro system at this destination.


Ghostly Plane Reports


In 1997, what looked like a single-engine plane crash could have been a phantom occurrence. Despite witness accounts of a plane crash, the Coast Guard were unable to locate a wreckage or bodies, as they searched the waters surrounding Connecticut. As for where the plane came from, no airports had any reports of a missing aircraft.