Ghosts Always Haunted Jackson Family

The unfolding saga of the Jackson family adds a paranormal chapter this week as Jermaine Jackson comes forward with information that the Jackson compound has been haunted for years.  Jermaine says the ghosts go all the way back to his childhood when he remembers seeing two spectral entities in his room.  And yet the more you read about it, the stranger this story actually gets.

Located in Encino California, the famous compound where the Jackson county has lived for years has a long history of being a sacred place of spiritual energies.  According to Jermaine Jackson, the house was built on the site of an ancient Indian burial ground.  Is this merely a ploy for attention?  Or is there something more to this story than meets the eye?

The history of hauntings in the Jackson family does seem to go back quite a bit, even before the death of Michael on June 25th in 2009.  Later that year the CNN news talk show Larry King Live would capture footage of a mysterious spectral shadow walking through a hallway during a peace on the deceased star’s life.  Those who watched in shocked admiration suggested that the shadow walking bore a striking resemblance to the late king of pop.  Later the sighting would be refuted by skeptics who suggested it was merely the shadow of someone on site moving equipment.

The sighting would be followed by several hundred celebrity ghost appearances with MJ at the forefront still visiting fans and having his picture taken by a new breed of accidental paparazzi.

But Jermaine Jackson this time is telling the story not of his brother’s ghost but of others that had lived on the same compound said to be haunted by Michael’s restless spirit.  In an interview with Celebrity Ghost Stories, Jermaine recalled the time he was in his bed and was visited by two older ghosts that stood in his room after being awakened as a child.  The mysterious appearance would be one of several on the haunted grounds that would eventually become the location of many stories.  Sharing the sighting with his mother, the very religious Katherine told him that the ghosts were demons.

The paranormal has an interesting connection to the Jackson family partially because of the motif Michael used in several of his music videos including the iconic “Thriller” and later his record breaking music video “Ghosts.”  Even if there were nothing to these ghost stories, given his popularity and the tragedies that would follow him throughout his life, it’s no surprise from an urban legend or folklore perspective depending on how you look at it.

Are there spectral entities roaming the grounds of the Jackson compound?  Perhaps the next addition to this legend will be the exploration of the site by a team of ghost hunters who will work to confirm or deny the presence of the long lost king of pop.  And perhaps during their exploration they will find the ghosts that haunted the family for so many years as well.