Ghosts and Monsters of the Black Forest

When Steve and Beth Lee were searching for their dream home, there was little doubt in their minds that the cabin they discovered was the best discovery they had ever made.  It seemed to have been built specifically with them in mind.  Quickly, they contacted the owners and signed a lease to begin living there.  When they purchased it a year later, they were only beginning to suspect that what they had bought might be haunted.  As soon as they purchased the property, however, the house took on quite a different feel.  And it would soon turn out to be one of the most haunted places ever recorded.

It all began, as so many hauntings do, very small.  Lights and appliances would suddenly turn off and on unexpectedly.  The kitchen would spontaneously start brewing coffee, the television would automatically turn on and change volume to be extremely loud, and periodically the power box switch would shut off without any explanation.  These events, being easily enough dismissed, were soon ignored and life resumed as normal.  But when the house suddenly began manifesting more terrifying paranormal manifestations, it was soon clear that something strange was going on.  The Lees didn’t believe in the paranormal at the time, and simply dismissed every individual phenomenon as best they could until ultimately they could no longer deny that something strange was going on.

It began with phantom sounds coming from the woods.  Rather than the usual hoots of screech owls or coyotes wailing in the distance, occasionally the Lees would hear the sound of an old Victrola playing classical music just beyond the edge of the darkness in the woods.  When the same music was heard coming from somewhere inside the house, the mystery only deepened.  Chains could be heard rattling through the house as though being dragged and shaken by unseen hands.

One night, as the family slept in their beds, Beth awoke to the sound of footsteps.  As she roused her husband, trying to determine where the footsteps were coming from, they determined that the strange noise was in fact coming from the ceiling.  Something was walking around on the roof in heavy boots.  The careful walking abruptly became running and soon the entire roof sounded like heavy boots were running all over.

As time went on, apparitions were seen as well including some of the elusive and mysterious shadow people.  These entities were seen hovering over various members of the family as they slept at night, staring down at them and then disappearing once another witness entered the room.  As time went on the figures were eventually captured by surveillance equipment.  The house was broken into some 62 times as time went on by parties unknown.  Police told the family it may not in fact be burglars, upon looking at security footage the family had taken of glowing figures approaching the home and animals in the hallways that appeared to be made of light.  It was at this point the family accepted that what they were encountering might be paranormal in nature.  After a time, the family eventually stopped reporting the strange goings on and hoped to live with the phenomenon without being badgered by curiosity seekers.