Ghosts and Scary Places Throughout El Paso

When visiting the city of El Paso, Texas, there is a Mexican tale regarding the ghost of a beheaded man riding throughout the desert upon his horse. Referred to as “El Muerto,” “the dead one,” as well as the “dead man,” he has been spotted sometimes carrying his head. This tale spread across the Western Texas area, as well as the southeast section of New Mexico.


In El Paso, there are numerous locations that offer a good scare or just plain send a chill up your back, including a few cemeteries and churches in the area. At two in the morning at the Concordia Cemetery, you can hear the unexplainable sound of children playing and laughing. It is believed that the ghosts of small pox victims, who are buried in a particular section of the cemetery, haunt the area. Other strange occurrences at this location include the sound of hoof beats, as well as undistinguishable voices.


Another cemetery to take note of includes the Evergreen Cemetery, which is said to be the site of a haunting. When passing by the cemetery, you may catch sight of the ghost of a small boy who can be seen standing on the sidewalk. Reports indicate that he will ask for a ride, usually in the wee hours of the morning. He has also been spotted close to the railroad tracks. A mist accompanies his presence, as well as an odd, strong scent.

Only open to the public during the Holy Week, you will find the Cristo Rey Catholic Church, where various visitors have encountered a nun, dressed in a traditional habit. Her figure can be seen praying at the communion rail at the alter. When anyone comes close to her, she slowly fades away before you can reach her. At the Sacred Heart Catholic Church, witnesses believe they have encountered the ghost of a young Mexican female whose companion failed to show up at the alter. The woman died soon after. She can be spotted weeping on the side of the chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe, filled with hopes that her supposed groom will return to her.


Formally situated on Montana Street, you will find the El Paso Museum of Art in the downtown area. From the top floors, old women have been sighted looking from the windows. On the premises, lights would turn on and off for no reason, as well as the shutting and opening of doors. From the basement area, unexplainable moans can be heard.

Additional haunted sites throughout El Paso include:


The Chase Building: The top floor is said to be the haunting spot of a woman in a red dress.


Fire Station #9: Ghost of a firefighter.


Fort Bliss: Ghosts of soldiers haunt this area in the building #4 area.


Foxglove Apartments: Odd noises


J.C. Machuca Apartments: Strange events occur at this site, probably due to being built on a Native American burial ground.


La Hacienda Restaurant: The apparition of a woman can be encountered, who is said to be searching for her lost children, who drowned in the area river.