Ghosts: Broken Hearts Club

What happens to a person who has died of a broken heart? Is there ghost left behind to search for their eternal love? Does there ghost stay behind to plot vengeance and make their presence felt? Below you will find a few tales dealing with ghosts whose presence is defined by the love they have lost.


During the 16th century, there was a house that was called Longleat, which was located in a southwestern part of England. This house holds a ghost tale filled with intrigue and a broken heart. Thomas the Second of Viscount, who married the sweet and “innocent” Louisa Carteret, occupied the house. Thomas was known as a tyrant and when he suspected his lovely wife of having an affair with a footman, he had him murdered. The body was hid and soon after, Louisa passed away, as some say “of a broken heart.” Thomas started to notice her ghost, as well as smell her scent in the hallways and rest of the house. Things would move about the room on their own. Frightened and spooked out of his mind, he fled the house and never returned.


Many thought that her ghost (which was dubbed “The Gray Lady of Louisa”) was just an old legend, but many have claimed to see her ghost within the house. Three centuries had passed and a couple of flagstones were dug up. The body of a man in 18th century clothing was recovered. It is assumed that this is the body of the footman, who was then buried in a graveyard, close to Thomas’s tomb. Louisa can still be seen today roaming about the house.


When you reach Seventeen Mile Drive in California, you may encounter the ghost of a young bride who was involved in a car crash that took her life. The crash took place on the eve of her wedding day, where she is said to wander in search of her beau. Her ghost can be sighted on foggy nights, still in her white wedding gown.


In Los Angeles, there was a young couple, which died in a hotel fire. When the new building was put up in its place, the presence of two ghosts was reported: one female and one male. Some say it is the ghosts of the newlyweds who previously lost their lives. It is now an apartment building and some of the tenants claim that they hear unexplained giggling, as well as footsteps that can be heard and not attached to a person in the area.


When a person meets a violent death, it may trigger the presence of a ghost. In Tonopah, Nevada, there was a young hooker, who was murdered during a fight with her lover. It took place at the ritzy Mizpah Hotel, where her ghost can be spotted, wearing red satin and wandering about the halls. She isn’t an unsettling sight, but she will play pranks on guests and follow them around. She also likes it when guests inquire about her story. Others who suffer due to a broken heart include the ghosts of Civil War soldiers, who wander about various older houses and museums throughout some of the southern states.