Ghosts in California

From the Salinas River in San Lucas to the USS Hornet in Alameda, plenty of ghost sightings stretch across one of the largest cities in the United States. In this article, you will also learn about the ghost in Whittier Narrows Park (Montebello) and the haunted halls at Mills College in Oakland.

USS Hornet , Alameda

A multitude of ghost reports involve sightings at the old aircraft carrier, USS Hornet, as caretakers claim that the ghosts of sailors who lost their lives in connection to the vessel have been seen.

Whittier Narrows Park , Montebello

Riding on the back of a horse, the ghost of a Spanish conquistador is believed to haunt the Whittier Narrows Park , primarily close to the intersection of San Gabriel Blvd and Lincoln Ave. Some believe the man died when he drowned in an attempt to uncover the gold he buried near the beach by the river. In the vicinity, strange fogs have been known to appear without warning.

Salinas River , San Lucas

In Monterey County, Halloween night brings the possibility of sighting the female ghosts who reportedly cries by the river and is often mistaken for the infamous tale of La Llorona , the ghostly woman constantly in search for her missing children. Every year, children make bets as to who is the bravest to walk the river past the bend. Sadly, one year didn’t prove so lucky for one child who never made their way back. Another year, a young girl claimed to receive help from the ghost when she walked too close to the edge and felt a presence push her to safety. If she hadn’t been helped, she would have fallen 50 feet to her death.

Mills College , Oakland

Visit Ethal Moore Hall and you may encounter the ghost of a young woman known to wait on the steps of Orchard-Meadow Hall. A ghost carriage is also believed to make guest appearance on the road that leads behind Ethal Moore Hall. Mary Morse Hall is also thought haunted by ghosts, like the man who haunts one of the rooms.

Jouquin Miller , Oakland Hill

There is a park in Oakland Hill that is believed to serve as the stomping grounds for a ghosts said to appear at night. One foggy night in the area, a woman crossing the street got hit by a truck and died. They say her spirit did not rest and she still roams the park.

Creek Road , Ojai

Spooky roads provide the perfect setting for ghosts and paranormal activity and Creek Road is no exception. Reports state that four ghosts wander about the vicinity. One ghost has been given the nickname of the ‘Chairman’ and looks as if he suffered burns from a terrible fire. Another ghost is a woman who rides a horse down the road in a reckless manner until she is thrown when the horse reaches a curve. From the fall, she breaks her neck and dies in an instant. Another female ghost wandering about the road appears in a wedding dress stained with blood and seems to be hitchhiking.